Whenever I hear someone assess their own standing on the 1 to 10 scale, I can’t help but notice a trend.




Is it just me or does almost everyone think they’re a solid 7 these days? Both men and women. Some even have the audacity to say they’re an 8.


We’ve invented this convenient little measurement system to assign rank and simplify someone’s sexual desirability down to a basic integer. But what’s the point if everyone just shamelessly inflates their own value?


Actually, I don’t think it’s intentional. I think we really are just that full of ourselves to the point of blinding ignorance. Or maybe the idea of being like most people (a five) is just too damn hard to swallow.


We typically use this scale to evaluate others. But when the scope of judgement is flipped around back at us, the ego naturally releases all kinds of self-defense mechanisms.


I know because I used to believe I was a 7.


Something about that number just feels good. It’s comfortable. We’re okay with seven. It’s not too arrogant and our ego finds it acceptable.


However, as I enter my late-20s, the hard work I’ve done on myself over the last decade is starting to pay off. My value, desirability, and most importantly my wisdom have all increased exponentially. And that is why I know I’m not a 7 anymore.. because I never was. I know my desirability to women is more like 5.5 – A little above average.


Let’s break this down a little


First of all, it’s important to realize that the factors contributing to sexual desirability are not equal among the genders.


For a man, you’ve got looks, money, social status, game and possibly a heap of other variables all playing a role.


For a woman, you’ve got looks, looks, looks, and also looks playing a role.


So this means that while the hottest female celebrity may be perceived as a 10, her non-famous counterparts can also be ranked as a 10. A man will sleep with a “10” regardless of her fame, money, social status, etc.


Of course when women rate men, it gets a little more complex. Which does make sense. Women are the more complex gender, right?


If a woman had to choose between a very good-looking bartender or a very rich okay-looking guy, who do you think she would pick?


In reality, she may just fuck both of them but for the sake of my little thought experiment we’ll assume she must only pick one.


Unless you’ve been living on another planet your whole life, you already know she would pick the rich okay-looking guy. This also demonstrates why a man’s sexual desirability should go up as he ages while a woman’s typically will go down.


Keep it in perspective


A wealthy good-looking man with game and maybe even a little fame is a 10 to women.


And a 7 is probably more like a good-looking guy with wealth or a very good-looking guy with game.


A 5 is average. Average-looking, Average level of wealth, Average level of fame that most people have (which is none). Average level of game (which is minimal).


This is why I give myself a rating of 5.5. Decent looks. Average wealth. Average fame (none). Average social status (analyst in a corporate setting). Above average game.


So the next time you hear someone refer to themselves as a 7, maybe you should help them get in touch with reality a little.


Now what rating would you give yourself?







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