Dating In A Tribal Setting

In my college and high school years, I believed it was important to maintain and subtlety promote a public record of girls I had gone out with, dated, and/or banged. In a tribal environment such as school, reputation is everything.


If you get a cute girl in high school or college, everyone will know about it. If you get desperate and bang a fattie, everyone will know about it. Your sexual choices (or lack of choices) in the tribe setting has a high impact on your future success within that community.

Every kid in school has a dating resume that either hurts or helps his chances with classmates of the opposite sex.


Because of this I didn’t like going more than a year or so without having a girlfriend because I didn’t want others in the community to think there was something wrong with me.


Naturally, this led to me tolerating a lot of bullshit from girls. I chose commitment at times when I should have just enjoyed being free and roaming the town with my boys.


I felt that if I could keep up a good dating resume, I would be able to use that and “level up” to get a girl that was even better than the last one.


School vs. The Real World

After finishing school and being released into the “real world”, I quickly realized how terrible of a mindset this is for the young working man.


I’m in my mid-twenties now. And it concerns me to see many of my male peers settle for comfortable relationships with mediocre girls while living in boring parts of the city.


I can’t understand why they would pass on living up the awesome lifestyle that being a young, free man in the city offers them. They instead seem eager to piss away their freedom and youth by hitching their wagon to a nagging broad.


Now if you do end up meeting a unicorn at a young age, you should probably go ahead and snag her. But really, what are the chances that all these guys I know in serious relationships are actually with their special soulmates?


After careful observation, I’d venture to say that their commitments are more a product of external forces than their own internal desires.


My friends and I live in the big city, post-grad, yuppie world where reputation barely makes a difference. This isn’t college where we all feared the dreaded “creeper” label.


We now live in a city that is so damn big you could walk into a popular bar, get publicly rejected and humiliated by every woman there, and the next day nobody would remember anything about you.


So with that kind of impunity, why are so many young men still playing it safe by constantly enlisting in monogamous agreements?


Part of it is because they still fear the perceived consequences of letting their dating resume deteriorate. They worry that too long a gap in relationployment would reflect poorly on their performance as a boyfriend.


So when they find themselves single, they hit the job hunt. They shotgun out their dating resumes to potential employers girlfriends hoping to score the interview date.


They go to parties to network and talk to recruiters friends to see if there are any potential leads out there.


After a few months of focused searching, they find gainful relationployment and report to work every day. But eventually they get terminated and the process starts over from square one.


Fuck A Dating Resume


Don’t be a cog in the commitment machine by giving up your freedom at a young age for any girl that will have you.


Unless you find that needle in a haystack, commitment in your twenties is pointless. This should be the time in your life that you establish yourself as a man. Get laid, get paid, and find your purpose.


I’ve been single for three years. My biggest commitment in life right now is self-improvement and gearing up for my prime. Sometimes a worried thought will pop in my head like “Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve had a girlfriend. Maybe I should settle down.”


But then I realize that notion drives me towards mediocrity.


Don’t ever be the guy searching for love. Keep your game sharp and acquire wealth. Then you won’t have to search. Your problem will instead be learning how to filter and screen your options. Life is too damn short for it to be any other way.
Like Tony Montana said..




(You can still get laid on your rise to the top)


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