Teasing Should Be Like Breathing – Chateau Heartiste

Important paradigm shift for the uninitiated. Treat her like a bratty little sister.


A Brief Guide To Recreational Time Travel – Raptitude

Interesting thought experiment that will change the way you look at your surroundings.


Why You Need A Bank Account Buffer – Money Under 30

A simple personal finance tip that will save you some headache.


How To Build Relationships That Don’t Scale – The Art Of Manliness

I don’t always put as much effort into my friendships as I probably should. I found some good tips in here that can improve the quality of existing friendships and help cultivate new ones.


Speak To That Cute Girl Now Because You’ll Probably Never See Her Again – Return Of Kings

Looking back over the last ten years, I’ve wasted hundreds, maybe thousands, of little opportunities where I could have had a chat with a girl but chose to remain in my comfort zone. How many of those missed opportunities would have led to nice conversations? Phone numbers? Dates? Sex? Love? I’ll never know. How often do you let these little chances pass you by?






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