I’ve been an avid reader of blogs since I was about 18 or so. I use Feedly to curate a stream of blog posts from websites of my choosing. For years I’ve been bookmarking the top posts that made an impact on me.


There’s so much wisdom and value you can gain from reading blogs of normal, non-famous, people who live life and broadcast the lessons they’ve learned out into the world.


Every other Friday, I’m going to start sharing 5 posts that have made a difference in my life. Hope you enjoy.


The Hazards of Long Term Relationships – Chateau Heartiste

Very real pitfalls that most people succumb to in their relationships… and how to overcome them.


Women Have Reduced Themselves To Sexual Commodities – Roosh V

The metaphors made me laugh out loud several times. Also kind of sad but we laugh so that we don’t cry.


Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed – Raptitude

This was one of the most life-changing blog posts I’ve ever read. It came to me at time when I was new to the corporate world and it was an incredibly sobering read.


10 Simple Steps To The Perfect Interview – Neil Strauss

At age 22, I was absolutely horrible at interviewing. I’m 26 now and was recently hired at the corporate headquarters of a Fortune 50 company. Articles like this helped me get there.


A Conversation With A Cold, Calculating, and Manipulative Player – Maverick Traveler

When I discovered the manosphere, I got really into it and I had to do a complete reconciliation of my belief system. Some of the content I read frequently put me on the edge of becoming a bitter, unhappy person. This post was a reality check. It was a great example of what I didn’t want to turn into.



That’s it for this week. Go crush the weekend.


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