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Here’s the roundup for this weekend..



How My Boss (and CEO) Convinced Me to Quit My Job – All99life.com

If you read my blog then you probably are well aware of my disdain for corporate servitude and how it sucks your life away. In this piece, Kyle from All99Life writes an inspiring tale of how his CEO inadvertently motivated him to take a leap of faith into the unknown and begin his quest for entrepreneurship and freedom.


What Type Of Intelligence Do You Have? – Wall Street Playboys

When I discovered Wall Street Playboys, I spent half the day on their blog soaking up their no-holds-barred approach to lifestyle and finance advice. These are guys who will tell you how it is straight up with no regard to how it makes you feel. So if you’re interested in ultra-pragmatic instructions for success then I’d highly recommend them. But if you want someone to feed you bullshit that will make you feel better about your mistakes and mediocrity then don’t bother.


Complete Guide To Affiliate SEO – Red Pill Reviews

The value contained in this post is something that most people would probably charge for. But Red Pill Reviews has graciously decided to put out a 10,000 word guide to Affiliate Marketing and SEO for your website. If you own a website then be sure not to miss this. If you don’t own a website then you should definitely own a website.



That’s all for today. Daylight savings time has come and the weather is getting colder. That means if you’re an employee, you’re arriving to work a little after the sun comes up and getting off work when the sun is setting. Better take those Vitamin D supplements!


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