Here’s the roundup for this weekend…


30 Things I’ve Learned At 30 – Modern Life Dating

Good advice in here for younger guys who are just starting to become aware of their environment. The best thing you can do when you’re young is avoid things that erode your freedom. Debt, marriage, children, etc. Learn game, make that internet money, ditch your employer, and see the world. Then and only then should you begin to introduce lifelong commitments into your life if that is what you wish.


8 Essential Rules For Surviving The Workplace – Return Of Kings

You’ll probably have to have an employer for some period of time until you can become independent. Merging personal details of your life with the people you work with can cause all kinds of problems. I’ve learned that first-hand. It’s easier to just keep it church and state.


17 Things Extraordinary People Do Daily – American Gentleman

If you don’t want to be average. You’re going to have to do above-average daily tasks.





It’s was a beautiful October here in Hotlanta. Still haven’t had much need for the winter wardrobe yet. I look forward to the different seasons so I’m ready for some cold weather..


Now go make this weekend count.


30 Best Texts of All-Time

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