I am routinely shocked and appalled at how often I see men calling women the B word these days.


This kind of behavior is especially prevalent online. Probably because on the internet it’s easier to say whatever you want without thinking of how it affects the person.


This has to stop. You do not understand the full extent of your actions when you give into your emotions and do something as pathetic as calling a girl the B word.


So it appears that some education is in order.


Here are 3 reasons why you should be very careful about calling a woman this B word…





She Will Not Value Your Attention If It Is Not Earned




People are hardwired to value what they have to work for.

If something comes to us easy, we don’t cherish it the way we would if we wanted it, couldn’t have it right away, worked for it, still couldn’t get it, continued to work for it, and then finally earned it.


Your compliments should be earned not handed out on the street like a cheap flyer. If you give your affection away freely then there is zero value associated with it.


This doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy a woman’s attractiveness. But understand what happens if you verbalize that feeling to her before she is attracted to you and interested in you.

You’ll be put into the same mental category alongside all the other men in her life who have attempted kissing her ass as a means to get her into bed.


Women do not fuck their worshippers. They fuck men who are fun challenges.

Don’t be one of the poor bastards who throws himself at a woman and then hopes and prays that she picks him. Because she never will.



It Sends Her Ego Soaring To Dangerous Heights



Every time you tell a woman she’s beautiful too soon before she’s earned it, you create a headache for the entire world to deal with.

Bitchy attitudes in America are at an all-time high. The reason for this is because hot girls know they can behave any way they want and suffer no material shortage of suitors, attention, or affection.


What happens when a bratty and spoiled child faces no consequence for their poor behavior? He becomes King Joffrey and unleashes a reign of terror onto his dominion.


What happens when you don’t properly train a dog to only relieve itself outdoors? You spend every day of your life cleaning up shit.


And what happens when you give immediate positive attention to a girl’s looks regardless of how she acts and regardless of if she even knows who you are?  You get a generation of women who would rather cultivate a thirst-trap Instagram following than cultivate a relationship with a good man.



Her Perception Of You Plummets



It is said that the definition of insanity is to repeat the same action and expect a different result.


So why is it that some men continue to throw their affections at women with the hope that she will respond with lustful desire?


I personally have not heard of any man who went on to sleep with a woman after telling her that he wanted to drink her bath water.



Understand that when you throw yourself at women, while it may flatter her, while you may even get a “hahahahaha omgggg thank yuuuu”, understand that it completely destroys your chances with her.


How is she supposed to look up to you with adoration if you’re always on your knees?

Don’t be part of the chode masses bowing down to her, offering yourself up as a human carpet that prevents her delicate feet from making contact with the icky ground.


Because women do not desire men who are beneath them.

And they don’t really desire men who are at the same equal level as them either.

Their strongest desires are reserved for the men who they perceive to be above them.



Now don’t get me wrong. There is a time a place to compliment a woman’s beauty. But that time is not the first time that you speak to her. And that place is not Instagram or any other social media site.


When a woman has demonstrated behavior that pleases you, this is when you can reward her with your softer side.


When she gives you kindness and pleasantry. When she gives you loyalty and conviction. When she gives you passion and love.


Or when she gives you a fast-sucking blowjob and then swallows while maintaining eye contact. These are all acceptable times to compliment her looks and bathe in her beauty.


Imagine how numb a hot girl must be from the chode masses who constantly throw out “You’re so beautiful” at every turn. She hears that from a typical guy so often that it reaches a point where it makes her feel nothing. Because she’s heard it so many damn times before.


Now imagine how good it will make her feel when she finally earns the affection of a man who saves it only for those who have earned it. That is a man who stands out from the pack. And that is the type of man she wants.





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