“You have trust issues,” she said.


“Why can’t you just trust me?” she snatched the phone out of his grasp and clicked the little side button to cast the illuminated screen, and any potentially exposed secrets, back into darkness.


“What do you have to hide?” He asked.


“Nothing! It’s just the principle of you not trusting me.”


They went back and forth for a bit but she finally got him to cease the investigation of her Facebook messages. She knew it was a bad idea to allow him to hold her phone like that, even while she hovered over his shoulder like a hawk getting ready to grasp its prey at just the right moment.


Emma had dated Ryan for 6 months now and already he was starting to pry into her past. And her present.


Her ex-boyfriend Jake had been messaging her on Facebook, trying to get her to agree to coffee next week. She initially wasn’t going to. But now she was so stressed and annoyed by Ryan’s pestering that she just needed a little escape from it all.


Ryan left the room. Emma sent a message back to Jake. “Nothing is going to happen, you know that right? I have a boyfriend now.”


Pop. The little message appeared on Jake’s phone and he replied back “Yeah I know. I just want to catch up.” He fully intended on getting in her pants. And deep down, Emma knew this too but buried the notion so far into the inner recesses of her mind that she spent no time consciously thinking about it.

She agreed to meet for one coffee.

But then one coffee turned into two. And then two coffees turned into three cocktails at the bar next door. Finally, one thing led to another and she ended up in Jake’s bed.


She didn’t consciously mean for it to happen.  It just happened.


She looked down at her phone and saw 2 texts and 1 missed call from Ryan within the last two hours. Nothing an “I didn’t have good cell service” alibi couldn’t explain.



A few months later Ryan went to a bachelor party of one of his old fraternity brothers.


“NashVegas!” the guys cheered as they cracked open lukewarm PBRs on the ride down to Nashville.


“You know that Nashville is the biggest bachelorette party destination in America, right?” One of the guys exclaimed.


“Yeah I think I saw that on TFM or Barstool Sports or something. If you can’t get laid in Nashville then you can’t get laid anywhere.”


“Haha well, I won’t be getting laid in Nashville. Me and Emma have our 1 year anniversary next month.” It was hard to tell if his tone implied excitement or lament.


Ryan was still a little pissed off that he got passed over for best man. That honor would be going to Nick. Even though Ryan had known the groom the longest, Nick was chosen for best man because everyone knew he could throw a kick-ass bachelor party.


“I’ve got a surprise for you pussies tonight.” Nick said with a shit-eating grin on his face. The groom was teeming with excitement. Ryan rolled his eyes.


“But you’ll have to wait until the end of the night to see.”


After a rowdy night on Broadway, Nick guided them into a BYOB strip club located in a bad part of town. The guys pooled their cash to get a VIP table for $250. After scraping together the funds, they proudly rolled in a red Coleman beach cooler into the strip club and got situated at their table.


A dancer approached the group. “Hi. My name’s Penny Lane,” she said playfully. It was so dark in the club that her face was barely visible.


Nick bought a lap dance for the groom right away. Then another. And another. It wasn’t long before everyone was buying lap dances for each other.


“Let’s raise the stakes a little,” Nick slurred as he put his arm around Ryan. “I think the groom needs a private-room dance, what do you think?”


Ryan watched as Penny Lane took the groom’s hand and led him away out of sight towards the back of the establishment.


Nick looked at Ryan with a smirk on his face as he passed $500 to one of the strippers. “You’re next mother fucker.” He read on TheEroticReview.com that the strip club was known for backroom blowjobs.


Ryan looked down at his phone and saw 2 texts and 1 missed call from Emma in the last two hours. Nothing an “I didn’t have good cell service” alibi couldn’t explain.  Then he clicked the little side button to cast the illuminated screen back into darkness.



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