Got a girl’s number off the Hot or Not app. There aren’t many girls that use this app so I usually don’t have much luck with it but when I do get a match they typically turn out to be a little on the freaky side. After texting a bit we agree to meet up. I went to pick her up in a suburb 30 minutes away, something I wouldn’t normally do but the sex was guaranteed based on earlier texts. She also told me earlier in the day that she had a boyfriend, but he allowed her to have sex with other guys if she recorded it so he could watch it later. I was hesitant and a little weirded out but she was really cute so I just went with it.


I drove up to the suburb, slightly buzzed off 3 IPAs from a concert I had been to a couple hours earlier. She told me to park my car in the front office parking lot of her neighborhood. I had to piss so I stepped out and watered down some bushes before letting her know I had arrived. The situation was a little sketchy and I felt like I was back in high school meeting some girl who had to sneak out of her parents house. Actually, I think that may have been what happened. She was 18 and was starting college soon. I was half expecting for police cars to rush in and camera men to film me as the officers shoved my face into the ground and cuffed me on some national tv show. I reassured myself that I had text evidence of the girl saying she’s 18 so I wasn’t too nervous.


Is it creepy to have sex with a girl who’s barely legal? Perhaps. Do I really care? No. As long as I feel that they’re grown and matured then I really don’t see any shame in being attracted to and wanting to have sex with a girl who is in her physical prime.


She gets in my car and puts her bag and a tripod in the backseat. She’s a cute, short girl with fading green dyed hair. She  had a cute face and a good body. She had no militant/feminist vibe at all and was just a young girl going through a punk phase. I begin to chat and ramble as we make the 30 minute drive back to my apartment. We’re driving down the interstate and she says, “Once you get on roads that you’re used to, I’ll do that thing we talked about.” She was referring to our earlier texts about road head, an act she had yet to experience. We chatted for awhile longer and I asked. “So are you a good kisser?” She assured me that she was to which I responded, “I want you to show me.” She asked, “Right now?” Her concern being that we were driving 80 miles an hour down a dark interstate. We make out as I keep one eye closed and one eye on the road to maintain my lane.


After making out a bit, I tell her I want her to go down on me. I had already unbuttoned and half unzipped my pants before she got in the car to make things a little easier. She proceeds to blow me as we barrel down the interstate. I had known her for about 15 minutes.


As the trip goes on, we go back and forth between road head and small talk. We get on the surface streets and I tell her that we’re going to pass the Governor’s mansion on the way to my apartment. But she happened to have her head between my legs when we drove by so she missed it.


We get to my apartment and as we’re walking down the hallway, another couple appears in front of us. My girl is carrying a long bag that contains a tripod. The guy looks back at us and gives me a smirk.


We go inside and she begins setting up the camera next to my bed. I take one more piss, then go into the bedroom and start kissing her. I was slightly nervous of the off chance of having ED on camera so I took 4 horny goat weed pills before I left to pick her up. We dry humped, she went down on me, we went through the standard 4 positions ending with doggystyle and a facial. The facial was at her request. It was the first time I had done it. I felt like such a pornstar. Tripods, money shots, and a girl with green hair. Although, I’ll admit it’s pretty weird that her boyfriend is probably jerking it to a video of me banging his girlfriend. Not my cup of tea, but hey whatever floats your boat, I guess.

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