The typical pretty girl lives in an environment where the entire world wants to sleep with her.


This is the dating reality we find ourselves in. Sometimes it’s hard for a regular guy to relate to that. Because men (without wealth and fame) simply don’t receive that kind of attention from the opposite sex. Even exceptionally good-looking men don’t receive near the type of attention that their exceptionally good-looking female counterparts do.


Try to put yourself in her shoes.


What do you think would make a man stand out to the modern hot American girl who despite any of her potential poor behavior, will still have the romantic options of an ancient Egyptian princess?


Should you follow suit with most men who fawn over her looks? Should you elevate her to goddess-like status, constantly reminding her how beautiful she is, while even offering up snow-shovelling services anytime her driveway requires it?


Should you click “like” on every single one of her social media uploads without fail? Should you be her chauffeur, on-call food delivery boy or personal ATM? How about her weekend entertainment provider who takes her out to expensive restaurants, fancy shows, and other extravagant events to create fodder for her Snapchat stories so she can show off to all her friends?


Should you shower her with unconditional love and affection simply for existing as an attractive female?


While some of these may be extreme scenarios, sadly it’s the approach most men take for courting women that they will never actually get. In the end, all they manage to do is inflate her ego and compound her bitchy behavior.


But the upside is that this creates an incredibly easy way for you to stand out.


And it’s by demonstrating that you couldn’t give two shits if you actually get with her or not. Not necessarily in a “fuck you” kind of way, but in a charming, never taking anything too seriously, always laughing, always unfazed kind of way.


I’m amused by the market conditions I find myself in. You should be too.


Go about your life as if you have a harem of models waiting for you back in bed.


In an environment plagued with male thirst, when a cute girl meets a man who couldn’t give a shit about the outcome either way, it suddenly piques her interest. Why isn’t he throwing himself at me like all the others?


The hotter she is the more this effect is compounded.


Your indifference communicates something in a subtle way. And indirect communication is the lifeblood of game.


A smirking indifference shows that you’re a man who has options. You’ve had women like her before. You’ve had hotter than her. You’ve had better than her. You’re kind of above her.


Not in an overt rude way. But in a subtle way.


Your sexual marketplace value is above her own. And that is a perceived context that must be in place to properly get (and keep) a girl.


You must always be willing to lose her. Whether it’s coolly walking away from that hottie at the bar if she says something that rubs you the wrong way or if it’s filing the divorce papers when your wife’s behavior finally gets too far out of hand.


She must always know that you’re willing to walk away.


To get (and keep) a girl you must be willing to lose her.


The catch is just remembering that this successful mentality actually will require you to lose out on many girls. A lot easier said than done.


But in return you will gain the affection and respect from many more girls than you otherwise would have.




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