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Should I pay for Tinder? Should I pay for Bumble? Is it worth it?


Don’t feel bad if you find yourself asking these questions. You’re not alone.


At first, maybe you feel a sense of shame about doing it. But I think that’s misguided. Let me explain why.


I can’t even count how many guys will drop ten bucks at lunch or at the coffee shop on a daily basis like its nothing.


But then when it comes to something that will improve their dating life and increase their results, they’re too stingy to consider making an investment there.


“It’s the principle”, they tell me.


Is it?


For some reason it makes you feel like a loser to invest time or money into improving your dating life.


I get it.


Hey I mean I’m not exactly going around proudly boasting my paid dating app subscriptions to friends, family, and co-workers.


We’re all programmed to believe that we should just naturally get girls without ever actually doing anything to improve our chances.


In a way it’s not a bad thing most guys think like this – less competition for guys who wanna invest in getting better and getting more.


But no matter how you feel about it, it still makes sense to at least weigh the costs and benefits of doing something that could lead to more sex in your life. Right?


Tinder and Bumble seem to be the two most popular dating apps right now. I’ve experimented with both free and paid versions and I’m going to share my thoughts on whether or not you should lay down that hard-earned Hamilton for a month of premium features.


(Hamilton is the dude on the ten dollar bill for anyone who failed American history)



Here’s a comparison of features that the two platforms offer.




Tinder Plus Bumble Boost


Unlimited Swiping: Not that important but can be useful if you’re traveling and going for a same night hail mary.

Winner: Bumble


GPS Spoof: Invaluable for traveling. Run your game 2-4 weeks before you arrive at your travel destination. Arrive with multiple options. Big miss for Bumble.

Winner: Tinder


Super Like Function: Improves the quality (hotness) of your matches. Girls swipe much less than guys do. Your profile will likely never even cross her screen unless you use a super like function that pushes your profile to the top. Another huge miss for Bumble.

Winner: Tinder


View who has liked you: A huge time-saver. You never have to waste time swiping through profiles anymore. The ones that have liked you just pop up and then you decide if you want to match with them. However, it doesn’t improve the quality – just saves time.

Winner: Bumble


Re-match expired matches: Not applicable for Tinder as the matches don’t expire. I’ve heard there’s some data indicating matches with expiration dates have higher response rates. I’ve never seen this data so I don’t know for sure but I’m indifferent on this one.

Winner: N/A


Undo accidental swipe: Has come in handy but not that important in the grand scheme.

Winner: Bumble



Bumble has more features and from what I can tell, more attractive people (for now at least). But they are missing two of the most important features that would make their premium version worthwhile. The GPS spoofing ability and a Super Like function. Although Bumble Boost saves time and provides a few extra conveniences, it’s not worth paying for unless they implement ways to improve the likelihood you match with who you want to match with (super like) as well as give you the ability to change your location. I wouldn’t pay for another month until they adopt those.


Tinder on the other hand pretty much sucks now unless you use the paid version. You’re just not going to be matching with that many good-looking girls unless you take advantage of the super like feature. Tinder had a golden era when it was mostly attractive people. When the unwashed masses swarmed in, Tinder adapted by introducing the Super Like. As Bumble’s golden era draws to a close, I would hope they have the foresight to take a similar approach.


People treat dating apps like it’s a hot new club. There’s a lot of curiosity and interest at first. Everybody wants to be seen at the hottest and newest spot in town. But then word gets around and the cat is let out of the bag. Next thing you know it’s a sausage fest with overpriced drinks and bouncers charging $30 covers.


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What has your experience been like using these apps? Which do you like better? Tinder or Bumble? Leave a comment below.




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  • Great, informative post–you know my thoughts on Bumble from our podcast.

    But…I had no idea about the Super Likes on Tinder driving you to the top of her matches. I’ve always thought of it as a supplication thing of sorts–she can see RIGHT THERE that you super liked her and maybe a bit…try hard?

    Have you run any numbers on how many matches you get from super likes? That would be fascinating to hear.

    • Using the Super Like feature will definitely put you in the first ten or so profiles she sees, when you may originally have been dozens of profiles down.

      Last year, Tinder did a beta test of the Super Like in Australia before rolling it out worldwide. From that period, they found that you’re “3x more likely” to match if you use it. Of course, that figure probably includes both male and female users which would inflate the stat.

      I don’t have any hard numbers on my own usage, but I’ll estimate that I match with 1 in 7 or maybe 1 in 8 when using the SL.

  • sueshe

    If you’re female don’t use either. Only unattractive douches on both.

    • Every online dating platform will probably have a large percentage that would fall into the “unattractive douche” category. It’s just a matter of how large that percentage is.