Matched with a Venezuelan girl on Tinder. She was only visiting my city for a few weeks. She didn’t have a car since she was traveling but she said her friend could drop her off at a bar 25 minutes away from me out in the suburbs. I lobbied for the bar next door to my apartment as I always do. There is nothing special about this bar at all other than the fact I live next to it, but of course I tell her it’s the BEST damn bar in the city. She hasn’t truly lived until she’s tried this amazing place. Having a bedroom a few hundred feet away from a bar is one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. But to my disappointment, she said her friend would only take her to bar nearby where they were staying about 30 minutes from where I lived.


The night came and I got to the venue a little early and claimed two bar stools. My preparedness was unnecessary as the bar was 90% empty. We were out in the ‘burbs. While waiting, I zoned out in front of the TVs that were displayed above the bar when the girl suddenly appears in front of my face and catches me off guard. She sits down and I begin my standard rambling. “So be honest, how many Tinder dates have you been on?” It’s funny how they usually all say the same answer of around 4-5. I now have a canned joking response of “Oh yeah me too, only like 4 or 5.. this week.”


The conversation we had was interesting since I always enjoy hearing what it’s like in other countries. She expressed her disdain with Venezuelan government. I was surprised to learn that she had to tell her government exactly how much money she is bringing to the U.S., then she must keep all receipts and show them to the government upon returning. And any money she brings back unspent is seized by the government upon arrival.


I told her Americans know 3 things about Venezuela. Hugo Chavez, Gasoline, and season 3 of Homeland.


As the end of the date nears, I had gotten a kiss on the cheek and was going to go for a quick kiss on the lips while we were still sitting at the bar. Latinas are almost always quicker to make out with and more comfortable with PDA. But she turns her head and tells me that she had a confession to make.


“My mom is here.” she tells me.


“Oh, she’s outside to pick you up?”


“No she’s here in the booth back there with my sister and my aunt.”


She points behind me. I slowly turn around and to my surprise, spot 3 middle-aged South American women giggling and waving at me. They had been watching us the whole time.


I was a little tipsy at this point and decided what the hell, let’s go talk to them. At this point, not introducing myself to them would probably have given a bad impression. So I walk over with my date and say Hola.


I’m now sitting in a booth rambling with 3 Venezuelan women who have no idea what the hell I’m saying. My date sits there and translates my tipsy rambling into Spanish for her family. After 15 minutes or so I decide to call it a night. I tell them it was nice to meet everyone and I head out. She texted me later, told me I made a good impression, and we set up a date for the very next night.
This time I was able to arrange the 2nd date at the bar next to my apartment. No familia tagging along this time and sealed the deal when I took her back to my place to watch some American TV shows that she just HAD to see. When we got to my apartment, I didn’t have much of a plan for what we were actually going to watch. I ended up just putting on the Parks and Rec episode where the Venezuelans come to visit. I enjoyed the conversations we had about our two different cultures and being able to introduce her firsthand to important American values such as Netflix and Chill.

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