Social media accounts with fake followers are much more widespread than you probably realize.


Social proof is everything. Which is why buying fake followers has become a multi-million dollar business.


Even though it’s a little manipulative, that doesn’t stop any company, celebrity, and of course presidential candidate from shelling out a few bills for a superficial boost in their following.


A good rule of thumb is that if an account has a little blue check mark next to it then you can bet they’ve bought some fake followers at some point in time.


Here are a few examples:


celebs1Fake followers






They call it “enhancing their digital brand”. But personally, I think that if you want to connect with an audience or a customer base then you should always be genuine in your methods.


But I don’t fault them totally. Because I have to admit there’s one instance where I can’t help but reap the benefits of fake followers.


And that’s status-hacking for Online Dating.


Have you ever messaged a cute girl on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram only to get that cold hard “Seen” but no reply to accompany it?


We’ve all done it. And we’ve all been there.


But what if you were a celebrity with a blue check mark and tons of followers? What if you were a “somebody”?


You already know what would happen. She’d respond back in record time eager to sleep with you.


Celebrities message girls like this all the time and reap the benefits from their social status. Why should they be the only ones that get to live it up like that?


It didn’t sit right with me. And I wasn’t satisfied when people would essentially say “that’s just the way the world works but you can’t have any part of it”.


So I decided to try a little experiment.


I made a fresh new Instagram account, uploaded some pictures of myself, and bought tens of thousands of followers. Then I proceeded to send out messages.


I had already done this a few times with my normal social media accounts that had a few hundred followers. I had lame results. But with a status hack like 10,000 Instagram followers, the results were like night and day.


Suddenly women were intrigued and wanted to get to know me.


I didn’t have a blue check mark. I didn’t have millions of followers. But I had more than average. Apparently that was enough to spark the interest in girls that would have likely ignored me if they had known I was just another commoner.


Suddenly these girls that people had said were “out of my league” were all too happy to meet up for drinks.





Social proof is everything





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