Historically, the term Sex Tourism has referred to middle-aged men travelling great distances to fuck prostitutes. Cities like Bangkok and Las Vegas have been known as the Sex Tourist capitals of the world. But now that dating apps allow you to get laid with minimal effort, getting laid (with normal girls) while traveling has never been easier. I predict an increase in men travelling the world with Tinder by their side as they sight-see and pull travel bangs by doing nothing more than swiping, texting, and meeting up for drinks.


The sheer quantity of girls we have exposure to now is unfathomable. 10s of thousands of young, single, good-looking women are all in my pocket, easily accessed by the tap of a thumb. Of course I won’t get responses from all of them, but dating is a numbers game. And now, if you’ve got some good game, you have the numbers for failure to be statistically impossible.


Travel is always more fun when you get laid. Follow the simple guide below and you will always get laid when you travel.


Step 1: Book Smart


Take a look at what’s available on AirBnb before thinking about a hotel. You can rent someone’s pad and get twice the value of a hotel for half the price. Just make sure you filter AirBnb results on “Entire Home/Apt” so you don’t end up sharing the unit with the owner, unless that’s what you want. Hotels are fine but they’re usually not nearly as good a value as AirBnb. A small room at a good hotel in New York City is $300 a night. A New York penthouse apartment on AirBnb is around the same price. Also, telling a new girl she should come back to your hotel room or meet you at your hotel can sometimes make her feel uneasy or like a slut. Just saying the words “hotel room” to a girl can sometimes give her a vibe that won’t help you. It’s better to be able to say “condo” or “apartment” or “penthouse”. Also do some research on where the popular bar scenes are and pick somewhere that’s within walking distance.


Step 2: Tinder Passport


As you know, the model for most dating apps is to show girls nearby within a radius up to 100 miles. And as a paid feature, you can unlock the ability to change your location and see the available girls in any part of the world. When you think about it, this is truly an amazing thing. Sure online dating sites like Match and eHarmony were doing this long before we had smartphones, but it wasn’t until around 2013 when young, hot girls opted in to the online dating scene. If I wanted to, I could check the local talent in Dubai, Paris, London, or some other far away land. And if I ever plan a trip to those places, I have technology at my fingertips to pull some of that talent relatively easily. I know some of you have hang ups about paying for Tinder. Maybe it makes you feel like a loser or something. I had a recent conversation with a friend of mine on the subject.


Friend: “I just can’t bring myself to pay for Tinder.”


Me: “It’s $10. We spend more than that on a daily basis on things that we don’t need. It’s the price of a modest lunch.”


Friend: “It’s the principle”


Me: “As far as Tinder is concerned, the only principle I’m trying to adhere to is banging a sexy LA girl when I go there next month.”


Apparently this resonated with him as he paid for Tinder’s passport feature the next day.

This technology is something that would blow the minds of our ancestors. It’s something they would have loved to experience. Do it for them. If you have hang ups about using dating apps or taking advantage of their paid features that allow you to travel like a rock star, at least do some critical thinking before you just write them off entirely. Even though I do believe that these apps have been making the women of my generation ultra-promiscuous and undateable, that’s not going to stop me from enjoying it and getting a piece of the action. Call me a hypocrite.


Step 3: Text Game


Once you’ve got a trip booked, you’ll want to tap into your destination city’s dating pool about 3-4 weeks before you arrive. Get some matches and use the Tinder lines and text game that I describe at length in my free 10 page PDF eBook that you can get by subscribing. Chat with her a short while on Tinder and get the number by saying something like “Well Tinder’s been fun, but I think it’s time we become texting official” (more examples like this in the free eBook). You probably want to keep up the text game in your destination city until you’ve pulled 3-5 phone numbers for every day that you want to go on a date. So if you’re wanting to go on two dates during your trip, try to get 6-10 phone numbers.


Step 4: The Date


We live in flakey times, especially when the two of you have never actually met. Since your time is limited when you travel, you don’t have room for flaking. I recommend triple booking your dates while traveling to minimize the likelihood you’ll be flaked on. If none of the three girls flake then just pick the one you like most and cancel on the other two. If possible, you want the location of your date to be walking distance to your apartment. Follow my first date guide and get the girl back to your place.


Gone are the days when a young bachelor needs to tirelessly recruit friends to travel with and be his travel wingmen, only for them to drop out at the last minute or have trouble coming up with the time and/or money needed to travel. Now that meeting girls while traveling can be essentially guaranteed, there is larger incentive for a man to take a few days off work, take a solo trip, and go sample the food, culture, and females that the world has to offer.

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  • Dan Sifuentes

    Do you tell the women that you’re from out of town and are just visiting? Or do you let them think you’re a local?

    Is there a way to tell if the person you’re meeting through Tinder is more of a DTF type rather than a “I want to date you” type?