At the beginning of the decade, Roosh V penned an article called The Future Of Game in which he made predictions of how the dating market would pan out given the rise of feminism and obesity in America.


Reading through the article and looking back on my time in the game over this last decade, I can say with certainty that every prediction he made came true.


  • Hot Girls Under 30 Will Be Impossible To Lock Down
    • True. It used to be that once you had sex with a girl, some of the power shifted to the man and the girl would be easier to make plans with and possibly pursue something further. But today I’ve found many girls regularly fade out and are hard to meet up with again even after we have sex. Sometimes it’s actually easier to sleep with a girl for the first time than it is to sleep with her a second or third time.


  • Flaking Will Reach Epidemic Proportions
    • True. There isn’t even a debate on this one. A lot of men have adapted by double-booking their dates and then if neither girl flakes, the guy picks the one he wants most and bails on the other.


  • The Definition Of Monogamy Will Loosen
    • True. I hear new cheating stories almost every week. Some people have adapted by attempting open-relationships but I would find it impossible to let my guard down and develop feelings for someone if I knew she could just go out and sleep with a stranger anytime she wanted.


  • Game Plus Fame Will Be More Important Than Anything
    • True. With so many options to choose from, girls will always give preference to the guy who has a blue check mark on his social media.



Roosh made these predictions just a year or two before the widespread adoption of smartphones and dating apps which I believe is what caused his 20-year forecast to all come true in less than 10 years.


So what’s next?


How is the dating culture trending today and how will technology continue to impact human relationships?


I believe over the next decade, we can expect to see massive increases in these areas.



Freelance Prostitution & Shoring



The sugar boom is here. With over 3 million Americans now registered for SeekingArrangent (1), it’s clear that the millennial generation is taking pay-for-play to the mainstream.


Why would most women choose an “equal relationship” with their socio-economic counterpart when they can monetize their dating life and literally net 6 figures a year from rich sugar daddies?


Sugar dating is such a good deal for women that the feminized media and culture will make strong efforts to glorify the lifestyle until social acceptance is achieved and all American women can feel comfortable exchanging sex-for-cash, free of judgment from their friends, families, and co-workers.


Prostitution will be the norm and if a man wants to date, he’ll be paying for more than just the drinks.


“Game” will simply turn into a variation of shoring, a term for not compensating a hooker after she has provided due services.


The smooth-talking playboys of the future will be the guys who can talk her down to smaller amounts or delay payment for as long as possible. But the joke’s on them when this kind of activity is eventually legislated as a form of sexual assault.


In the future, most male-to-female relationships will be short-term and contingent on a direct transfer of funds facilitated through cash apps.



Cuckold Or Bachelor – Pick One



Why is it that we see so many men approaching middle-age who are ready to settle down but still don’t for some reason, even when they have girls in their life who are open to being in a relationship? Why do men like Roosh continue to stay single in spite of their desire to start a family?


Because they can evaluate a woman’s likelihood to cheat and they are forced to pass on most potential long-term relationships that come their way. They know that pursuing a long-term relationship with most girls in the 21st century will end in cheating.


Sexual fidelity to one person for more than a year or two will become an outdated phenomenon that only generations of the past got to experience.


In the age of Instagram, Tinder, and SeekingArrangement, cuckoldry is just a keystroke away in every relationship.


Men of the future will be faced with the choice of cuckold or bachelor. There will be no in-between.



Outsourcing Human Sex Needs to Artificial Intelligence



Ever seen the show West World?


It’s a not a matter of if this will happen. It’s a matter of when this will happen.


When technology reaches a point where there is little to no distinguishable difference between human-to-human sex and human-to-robot sex, people dating other people will become a thing of the past.


It will simply be too tempting to not sex up Siri once a human-like prototype is developed and released to the masses.


Instead of going on a date, it will be cheaper and more time-efficient to just stick your cock in Cortana.


And rather than put in the work needed for a successful long-term relationship with another human being, it will be more convenient to just lay back and let Alexa eat your ass.


We’ve seen what people do when society and technology make things too easy, convenient and comfortable. We indulge.


It happened with fast food and obesity. It happened with dating apps and promiscuity. And it will happen with robots and sex.


Technology will continue to change, and with it, humanity. When looking to the future, I can’t see any other outcome where these changes do not occur, short of a Luddite society that decides to shun technology altogether.


We have seen a lot of change over the last decade. But in some sense, we haven’t seen nothin’ yet.



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