I bought my very first Bitcoin on Coinbase in 2014 for about $600.


So now I’m set for life, right?


Well, I would have been if I hadn’t sold it all within that same year.


If I had continued to accumulate Bitcoin throughout 2014-2016, then yes, I would probably have a 7-figure bank account right now.


Burns a little but what can you do?


Fortunately, I got back in the game in February of this year when I saw Bitcoin spike to $2,000.


The jump to $2,000 signaled to me that the future value of Bitcoin (thinking 5-10 years out) had potential to be very high.


I had no idea what kind of return it might yield in the short-run. But I felt confident that it at least made sense as a long-term investment.


Fast forward to December 2017 and Bitcoin has almost hit $20,000 for a 900% return since I started investing at the beginning of the year.


There’s NEVER been an investment with these levels of return before





I fully believe we will soon see a world where 1 Bitcoin is worth $100,000. I don’t know exactly when. But it’s coming.


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But this Bitcoin train won’t last forever


The Diffusion of Innovations theory explains how, why, and at what rate technology spreads.


Participants picking up a new technology in an economy can be grouped into one of the five categories shown below.



2017 marks the end of the early adopter phase for Cryptocurrency and the beginning of mainstream inception.


As Bitcoin continues to hit new milestones, FOMO money will flood into the market, driving the price upward over the next few years.


But when we get to a point where everyone and their mother uses Crypto, we’ll probably see a stabilization of the price. The windfall profits and the era of overnight millionaires will be over.


I can’t tell you if Bitcoin is going up or down in the short-term.


But I can definitely tell you it’s a good investment for the long-term.


This might just be your one shot at financial freedom. You don’t want to look back and regret this one.


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Early Bitcoin traders are different from the typical investor


People who have been in the game know that when a currency is in decline, that’s when you buy it.


And when a currency is on the rise you either take some profits or you wait for a retracement (dip/correction/pullback) to buy.


Everyone knows the golden rule of investing.


Buy low and sell high


But what’s funny is that while everybody intuitively knows this, most people fall foul to their emotions and end up doing just the opposite!


The average person will usually end up buying a coin when it’s already hyped up and topped out.


FOMO is what makes you want to buy a currency when it’s skyrocketing upwards. But in most cases, you already missed the boat when that happens.


And then once the coin starts to decline in value, the average investor gets nervous and sells in the name of cutting their losses.


These are primal human emotions that you’ll need to override in order to make gains in Crypto.


If you want to make money, you’ll have to be comfortable buying a coin that’s on the decline, and then sit there and watch as the coin (and the money you invested) continues to fall.


But eventually, if you’re just patient and focused on the long-term you’ll usually see the coin pick back up in due time.


I almost gave into my emotions when I bought EOS over the summer


In August, I bought 512 EOS tokens for around $1.50 a piece that came to a total investment of $768.


Almost immediately after I did this, the price dropped and hovered around the 50 cent mark for two months, taking my investment from $768 to a measly $276.


Not a great feeling.


I thought about “cutting my losses” but eventually decided whatever fuck it. I’m just gonna let it sit and see what happens. 


And sure enough, EOS now hovers around $4 per token, taking my investment value from $276 to over $2,000.



So sometimes the answer is to just buy it and forget it.


I can’t imagine how frustrated I would have been with myself to have sold out and taken a loss at the 50 cent mark only to have it blow up a month later.


Actually, the 50 cent mark should have been my cue to buy more.


But I’m pretty happy with my current holdings. When in doubt, HODL.


In conclusion, remember the cardinal rule of crypto…


Buy The Dip


Buy a coin when it’s on the decline and get comfortable with seeing your principal investment take a short-term loss while you hold out for the long-term gain.


Don’t be an average investor who buys the spike and sells the dip. Do the opposite!


Be patient. HODL. And wait for the spike. Then take some profits and reinvest them in other coins.


It’s an amazing time to be alive. No other generation has had the opportunity to make money out of thin air by investing in Cryptocurrency. And I sure won’t be sitting on the sidelines this time while all the money is being made.


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