Once you’ve gotten a few years in the game and your life is at a point where you always have girls coming over, you might recognize that you have a new problem – finding a good wingman.


Most guys simply do not have the drive or the focus to achieve an above average sex life. Most guys do not truly act on their desires, not in a way that really matters. They look for reasons to not approach. They look for excuses on why they didn’t close with a girl. They find reasons not to go out. The reason and the excuse can usually be traced back to themselves. Does this sound like anyone you know?


It’s likely that your current set of friends are people who were sort of just in the right place at the right time. You met them seamlessly through school or work. You met them because they were just there and you got along with them slightly better than the other people who were just there. Most friendship is born from proximity. But is that really the best way to go about selecting your friends and wingmen?


You can meet a lot of good wingmen by hitting up various internet forums or organizations that are focused on the same goal. It’s unlikely that all of your friends are going to be focused on the same goals as you. So the solution is to find a forum where you can meet guys in your city who are after the same thing.


I’ve also learned that you don’t always have to rely on guys who are focused on game. It’s not crucial that you have guys by your side who are all about getting laid like you may be. The most crucial thing is this: Go out with guys who amp up your mood.


Find a crew that complements each other.


I’m a laid back guy. I’m social and all, but I’m usually not described as being the life of the party. For this reason, I try to go out with extroverted guys who are always laughing and having a good time so it rubs off on me. Over the years, I’ve found that if I go out with positive, funny guys who keep me laughing, it gets me in the optimal mood for approaching and talking to girls.


If I have to choose between a low energy guy who knows game and and a medium/high energy guy who is funny but knows nothing about game, I’m going with the funny guy every time.


Let your crew be made up of guys whose company you actually enjoy. It’s important to laugh and have good times. Find a group dynamic that works for you and puts you in the best mood for going out. It doesn’t always have to be game-oriented. The most important thing is the effect the group has on you and your mental state.


When I go out with funny guys who don’t do a lot of approaching, I usually will be in the mood to just go off and approach by myself later in the night while my friends are nearby.

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