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It’s becoming clear that SeekingArrangement has devolved into the “Tinder” of sugar dating sites, an overwhelming sexfest where everyone has one night stands and nobody keeps in touch longer than a week.

But now a new crop of sugar dating sites have begun to pop up and offer new potential to people who are looking to find something more genuine and less superficial.

I’ve been looking at some of the up-and-coming sites out there and after a review of it is worth checking out.


User Interface


SecretBenefits has the best user interface I’ve seen by far.

I can’t understand why most of the sugar dating sites currently operating in 2018 look as though they haven’t been updated since the dawn of the internet.

A bad interface gives off a sketchy feeling to users and makes them feel like they’re being scammed. A good design is a crucial first step in making members feel comfortable with the site.

So I think a big part of what SecretBenefits has going for it is its sleek look-and-feel and easy to navigate website as well as their mobile app.


Pricing Model


Most sugar dating sites charge the men monthly fees ranging from $50-$100.

And you may have already had the lousy experience of trying out a smaller site that charges a fee similar to the bigger sites, only to find it doesn’t offer anything close to what the bigger sites offer in terms of quantity and quality.

SecretBenefits has solved this problem by offering a per-message pricing model as opposed to a per-month model. First, you purchase a select amount of “credits”. From there, 10 credits are deducted for each new conversation that you start. Once a conversation has started, no further credits are deducted.

Under this model, I didn’t feel pressured to shotgun blast my opening message out to as many girls as I could before time ran out. With other websites, it’s like you’re racing against the clock to meet women before the countdown expires.

But with SecretBenefits there is no expiration date on your credits and no monthly membership that expires. This incentivizes men to be more selective in who they message and prevents women from feeling overwhelmed from a backed up inbox.

This dynamic is crucial in creating the online environment necessary for real conversations to take place and more genuine connections to form.




It’s important to note that SecretBenefits is newer to the scene than some of the other big names.

So you’ll want to go in with the expectation of quality over quantity as your peruse profiles and make connections. It’s not going to be 50 pages of girls who are “online now” in your area. So expect things to be a bit more slower-paced and manageable.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it’s near impossible to establish genuine connections on sites where users take a “revolving door” approach to dating.

I think with SecretBenefits, you’ll have a much easier time interacting with people you like and achieving what the site is about.


You can sign up and learn more at




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