Merriam-Webster defines Chodestream as follows:



: The collective flow of flattering attention and/or affection directed toward an individual mostly for possessing a certain set of physical traits; often resulting in a value-loss of the chodestreamers while inflating the ego of the stream recipient.


Example: Oh my gosh Ashley, look at the chodestream of likes and comments Lauren’s provocative selfie is bringing in right now! I wonder if any of those guys think they actually have a chance with her. I could go for some likes right now too. Should I upload a picture that shows off my ass? Hashtag views.



Okay the word chodestream isn’t really in Websters.. yet. But it’s a term I’ve seen floating around lately and I decided to give it a legitimate definition because it so perfectly encapsulates the male thirst phenomenon that’s bitchifying attitudes, drying up vaginas, and leaving millions of men realizing (or more often not realizing) that they’ve shot themselves in the foot with their chode game.    


These pictures were the first to pop up from the Google image search “desperate guys on Instagram” so I didn’t feel a need to blur their names. The men should be shamed anyways. Note the comments under the pictures.


thirsty 1thirsty 2Thirsty 3


The Chodestream is real. And it must stop. 


I get it. There is something innate in men that make us want to naturally honor a woman and make her feel good and cared for, especially the ones that get our dicks excited. But many men fail to realize a few key concepts when it comes to doling out their affections.


It’s not valued if it’s in abundance


When your affection is handed out undeserved and too frequently, it is not seen as a valuable thing. You gotta make her earn that side of you.


Women will subconsciously write you off as a potential suitor if you give too much too soon. Whether you’re out meeting women or messaging them online, drop the words beautiful and gorgeous from your vocabulary entirely. Use the word cute or sexy instead.


Beautiful and gorgeous are words you save for your serious girlfriend who has earned them. Not some chick who gets off on the chodestream that reliably comes every time she posts a sexy picture.


It’s the same old shit


Dudes have been drooling since she was a teenager. It doesn’t make you stand out. It makes you get thrown in with all the other chodes who roll out the red carpet for her wherever she goes.


It’s like walking into to a company headquarters and saying “This is such an amazing firm. I’d give anything to work here” and then expecting to get hired based on just that.


You have show your value first before complimenting their value.


It’s Hypergamy


The person who inflates her ego is beneath her. Girls date up. She’s not attracted to who she believes to be less socially valuable than her. As a chodestreamer, your only usefulness in her life will be in flattering her and the affection you give will not be reciprocated. Although, she may give you just enough to encourage you to keep the attention coming. Use playful teasing in substitute of chode game. Teasing is what men of high value do to cute girls.


Remember that the early interaction should completely avoid complimentary talk of her looks. Lightly tease her instead to show you’re not intimidated or knocked off your game by her beauty. Girls who look like her are a dime a dozen to you. As the conversation progresses you can give a compliment on any behavior or shared interest of hers that impresses you. And if you do compliment her looks at some point use the word cute or sexy.


It’s Human Nature


If the world were turned on it’s head and the dating dynamic were reversed across all species (say females became the pursuers and males became the choosers) Men as a whole would no longer throw themselves at women the way they do today. We would instead just sit back and let them all come to us, as women currently do to men.


But Game allows you to hack the system, the mating system as it currently stands across all species –  Males pursue the females and females choose the males. So it makes sense that women will almost always go with their perceived top choice that’s available to her, a man who possesses the most attractive qualities that she’s able to get. So the top tier men end up not having to do a whole lot of chasing. They can sometimes just take a more passive ‘Don’t-fuck-it-up’ approach. 


But fortunately for many of us, we are the one species who has the ability to learn attractive qualities in detail. Whenever I watch a nature documentary, I can’t help but  feel sorry for the beta wolves or lions or what have you. These wild animals are mostly incapable of figuring out how to improve their lot in life. I watch them get kicked around and settle for scraps while the Alphas get the most out what’s available to them. It’s really not so different in our species, the only kicker being that man has the ability to learn, change, and drastically improve himself. No matter what your current station in life, you can always work toward becoming a top tier man.


What makes Game work is that it taps into so many core concepts of human nature that only observant and well-read people can see. If you float through life without carefully observing, thinking, and reflecting, then you are just a creature of instinct and habit. Like the beasts on National Geographic, you will default to nature’s original program that was written for you with no real control over the outcome of your life.


You have a choice. You can “just be yourself” which means you accept your weaknesses and make no changes to areas that need improvement that hold you back. Or you can be your best self, learn what works, and travel down the path of improvement.

If just being yourself means you shower girls with compliments about their beauty before you even know them, then it’s time you improved your lot in life. Don’t contribute to the chodestream.


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