Every couple of months, you should take a spring cleaning initiative on your phone. Delete every girl you’ve been working on but have yet to meet up with. I usually do about a one-month look back period where If I got a girl’s number 3-4 weeks ago, and I still haven’t met her yet, she’s gone.


Use your best judgement. If you know you’re very close to meeting her, keep it going a little longer but don’t waste your time on girls who are being too difficult to meet up. You may think she’s playing hard to get because she’s a good girl. But the more likely reason she’s texting you but not meeting up with you is because she’s fucking somebody else. It’s important to do this because if you get too hung up on trying to meet one particular girl, you’ll inevitably demonstrate needy behavior which will turn her off and she’ll categorize you as just another thirsty chump. Spring cleaning will strengthen your mentality of abundance. Be aloof. Be willing and ready to walk away from a beautiful girl at a moment’s notice, as this is the behavior of a high-value man with options. You can’t fuck every girl you want, but you can fuck some of them. You just need the right mindset.


If you don’t have a slew of options at the moment, you can always fake it ‘til you make it. Imagine how a guy would act if he knew he always had a harem of hot models waiting for him in bed. Would that guy spend tons of energy and effort trying to get another girl out on a date? No, he would show meager interest in girls after he has first demonstrated his attractive traits, and then gotten the girl to show him why she would be fun and interesting to hang out with.


If a new girl flakes on me, ignores my text, or demonstrates some kind of behavior I don’t like, I delete her number, I unfollow her on Instagram, and I delete her off Snapchat. A lot of times, the girl will notice she can no longer send me snapchats and will call me out on it. Or she’ll get mildly upset when she texts me and I text back, “Who’s this?” I’ll text back, “Well you were kinda wasting my time so I just deleted you.” or “Well it didn’t look like we were going to meet so I just deleted you.” After this kind of exchange, a lot of girls will suddenly perk up and meet me out on a date. I’ve gotten laid from deleting girls’ numbers. When a new girl realizes you’re not afraid of missing out on her, it triggers her brain to see you as a higher value person. Have the mentality of “You seem cool and fun but so do a lot of other girls.”


Don’t get tunnel vision on any one girl. Instead, get yourself a whole bunch of options so that if one doesn’t come through, you could care less. This sets you up with the mindset crucial for attracting women.

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