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Do you want to know how to get more matches on Tinder? I’ve had too many guys tell me about their piss poor experiences with dating apps. Men who are taller and better-looking than I am have told me that they downloaded the dating app for a few weeks and then just gave it up. They got frustrated and deleted their profile after not being able to get any good matches or not being able to meet up with their matches in real life.


This always confused me because I’ve had pretty good results with online dating apps, even though I’m an average-looking, average-height guy.


But when I would ask my friends about their approach on Tinder it started to make more sense. Their lack of success was because they had no game plan. They would upload a couple of their Facebook profile pictures that somebody tagged them in years ago. Then when they’d finally get a match, they would say something basic like “hey what’s up” or “hey what’re you up to” and get no response.


No shit that doesn’t work! You gotta have a little more of a game plan than that.


The Tinder Template by Masculine Profiles is a perfect introduction to the model that works on Tinder and other online dating platforms.


Here’s why I highly recommend this book for any man who is interested in getting the most out of dating apps.



Pictures Advice For Average-Looking And Ugly Guys

I think it’s a mistake to write off dating apps as something that only exceptionally handsome men can benefit from. Now it’s true that Tinder is mostly looks-based and better-looking guys have an advantage. But that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck. There are things you can do with pictures that inject humor into the situation. One of my favorite parts of the book was “The Snapchat Hack” which will certainly make her laugh and increase the chances that she’ll swipe right on a guy for having a good sense of humor.


The Tinder Template Isn’t All About Pictures

While it may mostly be about appearances in the beginning, there are still multiple things you can do outside of uploading pictures to increase your match rate. From specific Facebook pages to join and like, to exactly what you should say (or not say) on your Tinder bio, this book has a ton of information to make sure your profile is optimized to get you the best result.


Messaging On Tinder

Once guys get a good match on Tinder, they’re usually so excited that they screw it up by acting too eager or saying something basic. The Tinder Template includes an extensive list of what to say as well as providing the common mistakes that will get you ignored. I’ve been having success for years on Tinder and there were still some tips and tricks in this section that I’ll definitely be adding to my repertoire. From the opening line, to building a connection, to getting her number, there are a ton of examples for exactly what you can say. All of the bases are covered here.


The Endgame

None of this would be worth a whole lot if there wasn’t a plan to get her out on a date and ultimately get her in bed right? A successful Tinder date is something that starts to resemble a pattern over time. Hint: it doesn’t include coffee, food, or movie theaters. The Tinder Template presents the same kind of date model that has worked for me and countless other guys. In the book you’ll get a ton of useful tips on how to lead a girl from the start of the date to bouncing her back to your place.



I’ve been having success on Tinder for a few years now and I’ve been doing the same kinds of things that were taught in the book. So what I liked most about The Tinder Template is that I was still able to pick up some new useful examples that I can integrate into my own approach.

I also loved the “Tinder Tales” section at the end where Masculine Profiles gives a play-by-play account of a few of his best dates and exactly what he said and did to get some crazy action. I definitely took a few notes on that chapter.

Whether you’ve been frustrated with your results on Tinder or you’ve been having pretty good success and want to learn a few more tips, The Tinder Template is definitely the place to start.


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