You may remember Hinge as the one of the dating apps that emerged early in the swipe-pocalypse of the mid 2010s.

Essentially Hinge was just like it’s competition but with the benefit of being able to choose your location at no extra cost. Some people opted in but it never seemed to achieve the same level of success that apps like Tinder and Bumble enjoyed.

But now Hinge has overhauled it’s platform entirely in hopes to differentiate itself from the swathe of swipe-based dating apps that have in some sense, destroyed relationships for millennials.


Hinge Stories

Rather than swiping, Hinge presents you with 10 profiles or “stories” each day that you can “like” or “comment” on. Or you could just gloss over them completely if the person doesn’t interest you. There’s also a paid version that allows unlimited browsing of stories.

A Hinge Story consists of 7 pictures and 6 answers to “get-to-know-you” type questions. While this isn’t really a major departure from swipe-based profiles, Hinge does offer a little more opportunity for personality and humor to shine through rather than just being a Tinder-esque meat market of which pictures are the only thing that matters.


How It Works

Once you like or comment on someone’s profile, you’ll show up on their “impressions” list. From there they can message you. Or it might prompt them to like/comment on your profile, enabling you to message them.

To the dismay of attention whores everywhere, these likes and comments on profiles are not made public for all the Hinge community to see, saving Hinge from becoming an enormous thirst trap. However, you can always just go back to Instagram for that.


The Good

What I like about the new Hinge is that it doesn’t require you to waste hours swiping profiles that you’ll never match with (*cough* Bumble *cough*). Instead you can just set up your story, and then sit back and let the likes and comments roll in. If you want to be more proactive, you can always go like/comment on profiles (but it’s not required to get results).

It’s very low-investment for a girl to like one of your photos or like one of your answers to the get-to-know-you questions. So if you’ve been able to have success on Tinder or Bumble, you should be able to have similar success on Hinge with less of your time wasted browsing through profiles you’ll never match with.


The Bad

Hinge enables users to filter on height. This means the vast majority of women will set their filter on 6’0 and up, blocking out most men. Lying about your height is an absolute on here must if you’re a man of average stature. You only have ONE chance to set your height on Hinge when you make the profile so make sure you choose at least 6’0.

Your next question may be, “what about when she sees that I’m not actually 6’0?”

Well.. #2 on this list is your answer.

The user engagement factor is higher on Hinge. There’s more to talk about. Profiles are a little more unique. I can have more interesting openers on Hinge rather than just putting women through what is essentially a sales funnel as I do on Tinder. But unfortunately the hotness factor on Hinge is lower than that of its competitors.

It seems the more attractive people are on a dating app, the less engaged they will be in using it and meeting people. I.e., Bumble may have the hottest girls, but good luck matching with them since they barely use the app. A when you do match with one, you’ll have the pleasure of watching it expire when she doesn’t message you. At least on Hinge, users appear to be more engaged.


The Bottom Line

It remains to be seen whether this app will stand the test of time. But I’d say it’s worth giving it a shot.

As you’re browsing through stories, my advice would be to only give girls a “like” on their unique answers to questions. Don’t give a like on her cute pictures as that will probably be interpreted as you fawning over her appearances – something you should never do right off the bat! And for the love of god do not like her bathing suit pictures.

If you must like one of her pictures, make sure it’s something related to travel or some adventure she went on. If you leave a comment, I would stick with just asking a harmless question trying to learn more about the picture.

Example: “Hey that’s in New York City, right? I visited last summer and loved it”

From there you can run some standard dating app game.


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