City: Atlanta, GA

Neighborhood: Buckhead

Score: 5/5


If you’re looking for a night that’s a little out of the ordinary then Johnny’s Hideaway is a spot that never disappoints. It may not be Atlanta’s most refined establishment, but if you want some hilarious stories to tell your grandchildren one day, then Johnny’s is the place to go. Fun for all ages, the crowd can be a little on the divey side but it’s really a little bit of everyone and everything. People from all walks of life come here to just get weird.


The theme of this place is best described as a 70s disco club. They typically play music from eras past which draws the age diverse crowd. You’ll see everything from young college students in search of a break from the same old college bars to senior citizens who evidently got bored of their nursing home and needed a night out.

johnnyshideaway 2

There’s a large dance floor in the middle of the venue which they take care of like it’
s their baby. No drinks allowed on the dance floor and they strictly enforce this. It keeps me from getting too drunk so I don’t mind it. Surrounding the dance floor is a collection of felt rimmed tables, not unlike something you would sit at to play blackjack at a casino. Smoking is allowed inside so it feels even more like an old casino.


When surveying the crowd, you will notice the average age is probably somewhere around 40 to 45. This place isn’t always going to be loaded with young and good-looking girls, but there are always some diamonds in the rough that are easily approachable and much friendlier than girls seem to be in most other bars and clubs. What’s interesting about Johnny’s is that for some reason once a girl steps foot inside, she immediately becomes more receptive to male advances. Take a girl next door at The Ivy and she’s probably shooting guys down left and right. However, put the same girl in Johnny’s and suddenly she’s open to having a conversation with just about anyone. At least that’s the way it seems. I would attribute this mostly to the reputation and vibe that Johnny’s has. People know that you come here for a wild and crazy time that should be a little more interesting than the typical night out.


It’s earned johnnys_hideaway 1the proud reputation of a cougar bar and they live up to that each and every night. Earlier this year, a
friend of mine had broken up with his girl of 5+ years. To him, the single life probably felt like living in a foreign land. Valentine’s Day was upon us which just so happens to be one of my favorite nights to go out.

For an occasion such as this,  Johnny’s Hideaway was the obvious choice for where we would spend our night and reintroduce our newly freed friend back into the wild.


There will be a line after 10:30. Go early or pay the bouncer to cut the line.

We ordered a drink and talked amongst ourselves and the people nearby. It didn’t take long until a group of women in their early/mid 30s approached us. After some drunk banter and a few shots, my friend and I got two of the cougars on the dance floor where we spent most of the night. After lots of dancing and making out, we got him a cab and sent him home with his cougar prize. The next day he thanked me for introducing him to Johnny’s Hideaway and told me it was the best Valentine’s Day he’s had in years.


If you don’t like waiting in line, you might want to get there before 10:30. Everyone likes to go to Johnny’s as a late night bar but for me, the earlier I go, the more fun I have. If the line looks like this you can always walk up to the front and pay $25 to cut the line.


No review can really do Johnny’s justice. Love it or hate it, you’ll just have to go see for yourself.

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