About 5 years ago, I discovered Game and so began my journey of reading and applying various methods and mindsets to improve my dating life. It took me about a year to get good.


Then once I graduated from college and moved to a fun neighborhood in a large city, I had the logistics and numbers in my favor, that when paired with Game set me on a course to sleep with more girls than I ever dreamed possible.


For the most part, I’ve stuck to the One Night Stand approach for several years. But as many seasoned players could attest to, player burnout is a real thing that eventually will set in, and for me, a man in his mid-twenties,  it has already begun to rear its ugly head.


I came across The Harem Handbook at a time in my life when I was ready to try out a new lifestyle that offered a little more reward for a little less work and the potential for something more fulfilling. A lifestyle where you have girls around that you like for as long or as short a time as you want. 


Kyle Trouble of ThisIsTrouble.com has taken what he’s learned from many years of balancing the harem lifestyle and distilled it into a six-part course that any man, regardless of experience level, can benefit greatly from. Whether you’re into one night stands, want to develop something deeper, or anything in between – The Harem Handbook is a system for optimizing your dating life based on your wants and needs. 


Here are five key areas where The Harem Handbook will greatly improve your dating life.


1. Gets you PUMPED about the lifestyle

Right off the bat, Kyle gets you excited about this relatively low-maintenance approach to harem life. He lays out the pitfalls that most modern men have the misfortune of stepping into and gets you pumped about a life where you call the shots and choose which types of women are right for you.


2. Management And Organization To Dating Multiple Women

Juggling multiple women can be tricky. So much so that in my own life, I have mostly opted for a hit it and quit it approach. But after going through the first few modules of the course, I found a perfect system for mentally categorizing the girls in your harem and how to behave around them accordingly.  


3. Leveraging And Applying Your Strengths To Building a Harem

A Harem can be constructed and maintained many different ways. There isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach. Kyle outlines all the different methods for finding women and using your existing strengths to make the process as efficient as possible, getting you a higher return on the work you’ll have to put in.


4. The Mindset For Next Level Relationship Game

Meeting women, attracting them, and seducing them is something I’ve figured out for the most part. But like most men, an area of my life where I admittedly have struggled is maintaining a successful relationship once I’ve landed a high quality girl. It’s all too easy to get comfortable and forget the principles and attributes that landed her in the first place. The Harem Handbook at its core, is a course designed to make sure you get cool, sexy girls.. and keep them around. You’ll keep them coming back for as long as you want through a simple set of principles that Kyle outlines in detail.


5. The Holy Grail of Relationships

It’s pretty much every man’s dream. Imagine having a great girl completely loyal and faithful to you.. and at the same time she’s totally okay with you getting some on the side. Now obviously this can’t be guaranteed with every girl you want to date. But Kyle has found an amazing approach for increasing your chances that this sort of dynamic could be a reality for you if you play your cards right. He even tells you exactly what to say and how to approach it. This part alone was worth the investment.



All things considered, The Harem Handbook presents the lifestyle of a high-value man.. and shows how to attain it. The best part of all is that once you start getting multiple women in your life, it acts as a positive feedback loop naturally making you less needy, more confident, and more attractive. It’s important to state that this isn’t some quick fix. It’s an actual course that does take work. Don’t take shortcuts. Listen to the videos. Read the bonus materials. Do the worksheets. It will all benefit you in the end. Everything good in life must be earned and worked for, including a harem. But if you’re willing to do the work, you can live like a king.



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