I’m excited to announce the release of my new book Snapchat Seduction. This book outlines the method I’ve used over the last five years to connect with girls through Snapchat and ultimately get them into bed. I first downloaded the app in 2011 but now the Snapchat craze is in full effect as I’m sure you’ve noticed.


Today it’s pretty much a guarantee that any girl you’d be interested in will have it downloaded on her phone. And as it just so happens, it’s the absolute best way to build attraction, keep momentum, and create intimacy with her so she’ll be excited to meet up with you.


Official Synopsis


Have you ever had a girl ignore your text? Have you ever had things “just fizzle out” with a girl that you liked?

With so many options in the modern dating scene, keeping momentum is becoming more and more difficult. Traditional text messaging is no longer cutting it. So we need a new way to attract and connect with the women in our lives.

Snapchat Seduction includes a refined step-by-step method for messaging girls, getting desired responses, getting them out on dates, sexting them, and ultimately getting them into bed. I’ve also included dozens of interesting example Snapchats you can send her right away that will get her responding to you in a way that the cliche “How are you” text message fails to do.

You’ll learn how to accomplish three important goals that standard text messaging falls short on:

  1. Build attraction by letting her peek into the intriguing aspects of your lifestyle.
  2. Build comfort by bringing your persona, your face, or your voice into the palm of her hand
  3. Build intimacy and sexual tension in a fun but discreet platform

And of course tie it all together so she can’t wait to meet you out again

Snapchat Seduction includes:

  • DOZENS of example Snapchats you can send right away proven to get her attracted to you
  • Exactly how to setup  and manage a “pipeline” through Snapchat so you’ve got multiple girls hitting you up on a daily basis
  • Sexting 101. How to take the conversation from stale to sexting in just a few quick messages
  • My favorite things to say for getting her to start sending sexy pics on a regular basis
  • “Dread” Snapchats you can send to get girls eating out of the palm of your hand
  • Tips on how to master the Snapchat Story like a celebrity communicating with their followers
  • How to take the interaction from Snapchat to the date (and the bedroom)
  • Plus much more!

The way people communicate changes over time, especially when it comes to dating. It used to be telephone calls. Then it became texting. Now Snapchat is becoming the #1 way to interact with the girls you’re interested in.

Don’t miss out on this new way to get the most out of your dating life.



The Cover


Snapchat Seduction


Early Reader Review


From The Fucking Writer

A few days ago Brock Robinson of The City Bachelor sent me an advanced copy of his eBook, “Snapchat Seduction: How To Get Laid Using Snapchat.”

Before I get any further into this review, let me say the Snapchat app lay dormant on my phone for quite some time. I’m talking at least two years. Seriously.

After I read through Brock’s eBook, I dusted off the cobwebs that formed on Snapchat and even reset my password since I couldn’t remember it.

Here’s the thing: I fucking hate Snapchat with a passion.

I used it once or twice in my life and can’t stand when someone has their phone in front of their face to add to their “story.” At first it only seemed like girls were doing it — but now I see more and more guys trying to get the perfect “snap.” And don’t even get me started on when a woman sends me a dog-face selfie or one of those with a flower crown around their heads.

But when I began scrolling through the pages of Brock’s eBook, all of that hatred toward Snapchat melted away. I’m not about to become one of them (Like I said, I only opened the app: I didn’t get to “snapping.”). I took an open mind to it because Brock appears to have such a keen understanding of the subject matter (Snapchat and how to get laid from using it) and writes with such a passion that I’d do a disservice to the eBook and him to not to take an open mind to it.

If you’re of the Snapchat Generation and have plenty of women in your rotation — or will have possible women in your rotation — that use the app, pick up this eBook.

Brock breaks down — in layman’s terms — how and when to go for her Snapchat username, what kind of pictures to send, when to use the app’s messaging function and how to go about getting naughty pictures from her (because you know, deep down, she loves to send them), among other things.

Perhaps the biggest realization I had from reading Brock’s eBook is that Snapchat game is the same as Twitter game, which is the same as Instagram game, which is the same as… You get the point. Most of what I gleaned from Brock’s eBook were things I had already been doing when pulling women from other social media platforms. If you’re skilled with your words and can create an aura of fun mystery with a woman, you’ll be golden.



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