I’ve gone on several salt dating safaris in the past year. These wild and dangerous adventures have given me the unique experience of observing sugar babies in a variety of different habitats. After studying their nature for some time, I’ve come to report my findings.


If there’s one key observation I’ve been able to take away from my time in the field it’s that sugar babies are most like chameleons. They have the impressive ability to instantly adapt their image to a multitude of environments. And they can seamlessly adopt different roles and behaviors that are wholly dependent on the people around them at the current moment. Namely, playing the role of princess for one audience and prostitute for another.


Let’s dig deeper into this new breed of woman rapidly spreading throughout the millennial generation.


Exhibit A – Sugar Baby Income From Escorting & Prostitution


A ground-breaking discovery was that sugar babies out-earn their non-sex worker peers by a margin of approximately three-to-one.



I’m sure she felt comfortable with that number as it’s a tax-free $52,000 a year. A typical American worker filing taxes single would need to earn a salary of roughly $75,000 a year to take home $52,000 post-tax.


This message came from a 19-year-old college student. She was short, blonde, and petite. I’m confident that most men would rate her as a 9/10 in the looks department.


So effectively, our Exhibit A is making $75,000 a year leasing out her vagina on a once-per-week basis. This puts her in the top 30% income bracket of American households. But let’s also not forget most households have two people earning an income so she’s likely closer to being in the top 10% of earners.


My key takeaway from this field observation is that the sugar baby thrives in an environment of extreme thirst. She acts as an oasis in the middle of the American desert wasteland charging parched men a grand a week for access to her private reserves.


Exhibit B – Social Standing


A common misconception about sugar babies is that they are at the bottom of the social hierarchy along with “real prostitutes”. Only a certain type of woman would opt for the sugar baby life. I.e., someone from the dregs of society.



But my time in the field prompts me to report the complete opposite.


The certain types of women opting into this lifestyle are not impoverished lepers but rather suburban middle and upper-class college students as well as metropolitan young professionals. Many of them are the future doctors, lawyers, and corporate executives of America. The women opting into this lifestyle are the women that men have historically chased after and have wanted to enter romantic relationships with.


As further research on Instagram and other social media sites confirmed, sugar babies have the quality of social life that one would normally come to expect from an above-average attractive girl. And it was entirely common to find pictures of sugar babies with men who were clearly their committed boyfriends. It was unclear how much of an awareness these men had regarding their girlfriend’s escorting proclivities, but one suspects it was minimal.


As stated earlier, a key takeaway is that the sugar baby can change and adapt her behavior and outward perception much like a chameleon.


Exhibit C – The Princess/Prostitute Paradox


Traditional prostitutes are a species that have been around for millennia. But historically, there has always been an unspoken social contract stating that if a woman prostitutes herself, she subjects herself to society’s shame and forfeits the majority of potential marital suitors she likely could have had.


Thus, men never had a real problem with prostitutes existing in the world. The social costs for a woman to become a whore acted as a deterrent that prevented them from succumbing to the temptation of trading mind, body, and soul for fortune, glamor, and Jimmy Choo accessories.


I can report this is now most certainly changing in America with the “sugar” re-branding movement. The conventional terminology such as prostitution and whore is being deliberately replaced with more cutesy-sounding names like sugaring and sugar babies, words far more palatable to the female psyche.


My final takeaway is that this re-branding movement enables the sugar baby to pursue a double-edged dating approach where she extracts large amounts of resources through prostitution with one group of men and at the same time retains the popular princess lifestyle with her main group. Throughout most of human history, a woman of status was the antithesis of a whore. But as recent trends have shown, it now appears that princesshood and prostitution are two contradictory lifestyles that can be found embodied within the modern woman at the exact same time.


The future of the sugar baby as a species is unclear but dependent on the actions of the common man once he finally realizes what kind of scandalous connivery is going on right underneath his nose.


Will the normal good guy that most sugar babies seek to one day pair up with be so disgusted with her behavior that he refuses to give his hand in marriage? Will he recognize the opportunities of salt dating in “Dude, this is awesome” fashion? Or will he be desperate enough for companionship with a hot babe that he turns a blind eye and marries her anyway?


While my reporting likely won’t impact the collective societal reaction to sugar babies, it will at least pull this world out from the shadows and into broad daylight for all to see.



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