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I’ve heard many guys agree that dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have been on the decline lately. It seems the golden days of hot girls feverishly swiping right and meeting up with any Tom, Dick, and Harry for drinks and a blowjob have waned in recent years.


I too have recently noticed a decrease in the quality I’m able to pull from online dating. It seems that matching with a girl who is as pretty as you are handsome is becoming an increasingly difficult task. This is probably due to girls consciously or subconsciously realizing they can use online dating to get men who are leaps and bounds ahead of them in the looks department. If a girl who is a 6 can consistently match with a guy who is a 9, why would she swipe right on anything less? You’d probably do the same in her shoes. It’s human nature but unfortunately not working in our favor with this particular case.


The cold hard truth is that over the last few years, apps like Tinder and Bumble have made girls decisively more picky when it comes to appearances. You always have the option to put your smartphone down and go demonstrate your charm in real life, but when all you’ve got is five pictures and a tagline, you’re going to have to go to great lengths to stand out among the chode masses.


Here are a few updated steps to help you get more matches.



Let’s start with the obvious. You know these are important as it’s been written about extensively all over the web. So don’t use that cropped Facebook picture of you sweating your ass off at the bar as your main Tinder pic.

Even if it looks okay, it’s what every other dude is doing. You need a high quality camera to take high quality photos with a city skyline or something cool in the background. Don’t rely on the picture you got tagged in 4 years ago by some girl on Facebook you don’t even talk to anymore. Don’t take a lazy Snapchat selfie either.

I highly recommend Online Profile Pros for all your dating profile picture needs. All you have to do is go to their site, drop in your zip code, and pick a local professional photographer you want to work with. From there you set up a date and before you know it you’ll have movie quality photos that will skyrocket your results. Getting a few solid pictures of yourself is a one-time investment that pays dividends for years. Trust me when I say it’s worth it. 

It also doesn’t hurt to have a picture of your dog. Or really just any dog and let her assume it’s yours. Tell her it lives at your parents house if she follows up on it.

And lastly, remember that less is more. Have you ever watched a girl browse through profiles and observe how she comes to decisions? She’ll swipe through a guy’s photos and usually has trouble deciding if she likes him or not. Then a “dealbreaker” picture surfaces and she tosses him to the left.

This means the more pictures you have on your profile, the greater chance you have of possessing a photo that she doesn’t like for whatever reason and being swiped left. Take a quick review of your photos and cut the weakest link. You don’t need to use all the available picture slots.


Stop Swiping Right On Everyone

I was a prime offender of this rule back in the day. It’s only logical and efficient to hand your flyer out to the world and then invest time in the ones who take an interest.

But Tinder and Bumble have heavily implied they punish this behavior with new algorithms that push you towards the bottom of the stack if your account gets flagged with too much right-swiping.

Don’t forget how advanced these algorithms can get today. They track all kinds of metadata about your swiping activity. When I heard about this I deleted my profile and recreated it in an effort to start from a clean slate. It seems to have helped.

And if you ever get tired of swiping, you can always learn the best way to message girls on Instagram instead.


Good Text Game

Fortunately for you and me, the average man still sucks when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

Every cute girl with a smartphone has an inbox chock full of retarded shit that guys have sent her. I’ve never really understood that since there’s so much great information in this corner of web on how to behave in a way that attracts women.

I used to think that one day, the cat will be let out of the bag and all men will learn this stuff which would make the competition tougher for you and me. But it hasn’t happened yet. And I don’t think it ever will because most people lack true ambition.

The good news is that this means all you have to do to become an outlier is apply good advice that has been proven to work.

Instead of saying “Hey what’s up” as a first message. Say something more interesting like “So apparently we’re a match. Now what should we do.. Vegas wedding or something more classy?”


I’ve got dozens of examples like that you can send. If you sign up for the free newsletter below, you’ll automatically get a 10 page PDF sent to you that outlines exactly what I say in texts and on Tinder.


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  • Jonny_Danger

    The better solution is to just uninstall if you’re a user under that ‘9’ ranking you like so much.

  • Or you can be good looking and break everthing single rules in the book too.