Roosh V recently did a podcast where he declared the Night Game juice is no longer worth the squeeze. I must admit it was a little surprising to hear this condemnation come from none other than one of the pioneers of the practice.


The very concept of “game” rose out of the chaos that is the American nightlife scene. So when one of the early contributors of the subject, a man who forged his living and legacy in the club, declares the custom dead, it’s worth taking note and looking into the idea further.


But after listening to his list of 15 reasons that make Night Game no longer a worthwhile endeavor.. I’m inclined to somewhat agree.


Getting Too Old?


The first question we should ask is this: Is night game really dead or is the generation of men who make this claim just getting old and aging out of the bar scene?


I can sort of relate. I’m only 26 and I started losing interest in the nightlife scene a little over a year ago. Of course, I’ve been doing this for about ten years now.


I remember sneaking into bars in the college town of Auburn, Alabama when I was 16 years old. Wednesday nights were “teen night” and so they allowed 19 year olds into the bars. I would borrow a lookalike friend’s ID that said I was 19 and the bouncers would let me in, but not before writing giant X’s on the back of my hands in black sharpie indicating that I was under 21 and couldn’t drink.


My teenage friends and I would scavenge the bar for unattended drinks like a pack of disgusting rats.


Ten years later I live walking distance to one of the most popular bar scenes in Atlanta. My logistics couldn’t be better, but I only seem to go out once every 2 months or so. I’m at a point where I’d rather be in bed by midnight so I can wake up to a full Saturday and Sunday and work on things.





Going out in the city can be a grind. So I like to tell remind myself of one thing before I hit the local nightlife.


“Somewhere in this bar scene is a girl who will be receptive to my approach and end up going home with me – my job is to find her.”


But sometimes it can be tough to remember that after receiving 6 rejections in a row and looking around to see 5 guys to every girl.


It’s hard to put up with all the bullshit of bitchy attitudes, girls using you for drinks, and cockblocking friends when it’s so much easier to just get a girl out on a one-on-one date with no distractions.


Not to mention the energy and money you expend on staying out drinking until 3 in the morning.


A Better Alternative


People are split on the subject of what the best approach is to getting a lot of girls in your life.


Day game is probably the most admirable venture because it does require the most courage and it pushes you out of your comfort zone.


As for online dating, people will disagree, but personally I can’t think of an avenue that has a better return of investment on your time.


If you know your way around the dating apps and have your profile optimized, you can literally line up dates while you’re taking a shit. What other avenue of game can you make that kind of progress in your down time?


If we’re looking at the bottom line ROI, then I’ve got to say I think it’s a mistake to write off online dating.


While it’s probably true that dating apps and social media inflate a girl’s ego, you’ll still have success online simply by making it a numbers game.


Who says you have to choose only one avenue though? If you want to be well-rounded, it’s a good idea to keep all of them in your toolkit.


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