It’s one of those things you see in the movies but never actually happens in real life.


An old cliche: A man boards an airplane and finds his seat. He begins to read while the airplane fills up and then suddenly a gorgeous interesting woman appears and claims the seat next to him. They hit it off and have a charming conversation for the remainder of the flight.


These kinds of scenarios happen all the time in Hollywood portrayals. But never do they actually happen to you.


I had been flying on airplanes a few times a year for over two decades. And not one of those times had I ever been seated next to an attractive girl.


But then on a cold December day, the morning flight out to Dallas began to board and played its little game of musical chairs that finally stacked up in my favor.


I was seated by the window. The chair next to me was empty and there was no third chair as you typically would see on a standard plane. I was glad there would be one less person to climb over when I inevitably would have to take a piss at 30,000 feet.


I pulled out a book and just as I was about to start reading, looked up at the line of passengers coming towards me.


A green-eyed, black-haired twenty-something woman stood in the aisle with all the other people and slowly inched her way towards the back of the plane as the line of passengers crept forward.


A long white knitted coat that sort of resembled a blanket was draped over her black shirt and black leggings that ended at her knees. It was a cozy but classy ensemble for a cold morning flight.


She was hot.


And she was getting closer.


I eyed her and then glanced at the empty seat next to me.


I started thinking. “Hmm.. I wonder if…”


But I was surrounded by other empty seats


“Nah.. what’re the odds?”


I put her out of my thoughts and went back to reading my book. And that’s when she sat down right next to me. My adrenaline spiked.


Two decades of flying is how long it took for this kind of opportunity to present itself.


As she got settled in I snuck little peeks away from my book to check her out. I got a blast of her perfume as she removed her coat and flipped her hair. She had this creamy white skin that complemented her jet black hair and clothing.


I wasn’t in a particularly social mood but I knew there was no way in hell I was about to sit beside her in silence for the next two hours. I started thinking of what I would say to her.


I let about twenty minutes go by without saying a word. I wanted her to want me to speak. But also didn’t want her to think I was timid.


The silence started to get a little uncomfortable. It was at a point where it seemed we both wanted to talk to one another but it wasn’t happening. I needed something to comment on.


The flight attendant walked by and asked someone behind us if he was okay with sitting next to the emergency exit door. We were in earshot of the conversation and I used this is my excuse to make a comment to my cute seat partner. I opened up a conversation with, “Oh I hate sitting next to the emergency exit door”


And that was all it took.


She agreed, “Oh yeah me too.. so are you from Dallas or just going there to visit?”


She was happy to chat. It was clear she was just waiting for me to finally say something first. My mundane little comment was all that was needed to take a cold silence and turn it into a warm conversation.


For the next 45 minutes or so we talked about our backgrounds and our plans in Dallas. Whenever the conversation would begin to stall she’d spark it back up with random personal questions.


I was in.


Halfway through the flight we basically took a nap together.  Our heads were positioned so close that we were breathing each others air. It seemed we were playing that subtle little game where our arms, hand, and legs would slightly touch but we’d pretend not to notice. At one point she shifted in her seat to turn her back to me and put the side of her ass on my leg.


I started thinking about my next move once we landed. How would I go for her number? And when?


Should I go for it when she wakes up? What if she says no and then I have to sit next to her and feel awkward until we deplane?


I knew she needed to stop by baggage claim later so I decided to just go for it then at the last possible moment. Mistake.


Because when it came time to act, something happened.


Or should I say, something didn’t happen.


My brain started coming up with every possible reason why I should not approach her. I kept rationalizing that I should wait just a little bit longer for “the perfect moment” to approach. It was a short-sighted, hind-brain defense mechanism designed by millions of years of evolution to keep me from experiencing rejection and death.


And then I learned the hard way that this type of thinking is what causes a man to passively watch the window of opportunity slam shut in his face.


She grabbed her suitcase off the conveyor belt, walked passed me,  and said “bye.. have fun on your trip..”


I nodded and smiled, stood there, and watched her walk out the door and drift out of sight. Forever.


A wave of shame and regret immediately washed over me like a flood.


What just happened? How could I let such a perfect opportunity go to waste. We had chatted. She was interested in me.  She wanted me to take action. And I choked.


How could I let a beautiful girl who was clearly interested slip through my fingers like that?


I took a seat near the baggage carousal and stared at the ground, kicking myself for being such a pussy. It was all such a self-inflicted and miserable failure. I had sabotaged myself. I should have just gotten her number at the height of our conversation back on the plane when there was no pressure. 


But the opportunity had passed me by and there was no going back.


I sat in the Dallas airport stewing in my own regret and I vowed to remember the misery as future motivation. I would let it be a reminder to never allow myself to let this happen again.


It’s so important to seize the little opportunities that present themselves throughout the day.


That’s why day game and getting over approach anxiety are such an important skills for a man to learn. Girls dream about meeting a charming and interesting man during the course of a normal afternoon.


But sadly, most men are incapable of mustering up the courage to speak without the crutch of alcohol and the cover of night that can be found in the bar or the club. Or they just rely on dating apps for 100% of their lives.


Although you can find plenty of sex that way, the best girls in life are not to be found there.


And after going through such a shameful experience with the airport girl, I knew I needed to fix this problem for myself.



Day Bang by Roosh V was a transformative book for me.


If you want to get better at meeting girls throughout the day then I highly recommend it.


It teaches you how to create “something out of nothing” and meet girls throughout your day-to-day routine in a natural way.


I read this book in early 2014 and I have to say it’s the best resource of it’s kind for meeting girls in a normal way like at the coffeeshop, the mall, the grocery store, or what have you.


Don’t let what happened to me at the airport happen to you. If you’ve ever choked like I did then you know how it feels.


You can find out more about the book here:  Day Bang by Roosh V






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  • KB

    Something similar happened to me last week, flying from Puerto Vallarta to Denver. First off, I appreciate the sh*t out of you posting this… it takes a ton of courage to post about the failures on top of all the successes.

    I was walking up to the terminal and saw an very attractive sporty girl looking at the gift shop next door. I made my way to the back of the line when they announced first boarding. She came right behind me and I could tell by the way she angled herself she was trying to get a peek. I simply said “how was your trip?” and that was all it took to spark a conversation that led us to sit next to each other. The questions went back and forth, then some teasing, and then touching. After a few hours I leaned in for a kiss and she kinda scoffed, to which I smirked and said I wouldn’t apologize for that.

    It was about time to land and she turned toward the window and fell into my harms, kinda snuggling in the seats. Off the plane we talked and laughed some more and when it was time for her to leave we hugged, exchanged numbers, and said goodbye. After a few seconds of walking in the other direction I heard her voice say “sh*t, I went the wrong direction”. We talked briefly and I thought to myself “fuck it” and said to her “hey, come here” and pulled her in for a kiss, and then a second kiss, exchanging fluids.

    What I hope from sharing this, is that just even saying the stupidest comment can start a conversation and lead to unexpected things. Something I read years ago that stuck with me, is that a lot of these girls are bored out of their minds and will welcome any distraction. Why not be that distraction?