I recently watched this stand-up where I thought Louis C.K. hit the nail on the head regarding “sexism”.


There have been too many times where I’ve seen a blogger put out a thoughtful critique on female dating behavior. And without fail, somebody from the PC police cries “Misogynist!” or “Woman Hater!”


Just because a guy has written an article that criticized general or individual behavior of women, doesn’t mean he is a “misogynist”.  One critical article doesn’t mean he hates the entire opposite sex. These kinds of “-ist” labels are used by politically correct lames to shut down any kind of talk that makes them feel uncomfortable or insecure.


Men bitch about women. Women bitch about men. That doesn’t make you a misogynist, misandrist, or hate speaker. It makes you human.





I like to think he explained it like a neanderthal so that even the dumbest of the easily-triggered keyboard activists could comprehend it.


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