When was the last time you really lived? The last time you felt an intense surge of energy from overcoming a feat that gave you anxiety? The last time a burst of euphoria hit you from a new breakthrough accomplishment? The last time you did something that caused incredible amounts of adrenaline, dopamine, or cortisol, to run through your veins?


When was the last time you had a girl burn with desire for you on the first date? Even though her profile said “No hookups”, there she is flat on her back lying in your bed wearing nothing but that pink lacey thong. She didn’t plan for this to happen. She had no idea you could push all the right buttons and turn her on to the point where all her rules go out the window. You see the internal conflict going on in her head as she bites her bottom lip, rubs her thighs together, but at the same time says, “We can’t”. You gently tell her of course you won’t do anything she doesn’t want to do and give her a soft kiss on the lips. Then you go back to revving the engine and eventually you hear her utter those sweet, sweet words, “Oh, fuck it”. You’re going at it from behind and you start to feel the volcano getting ready to erupt. You blast in the condom but you’re not ready to stop fucking yet because you know it’s so much better if you just keep on going. You power through your first orgasm and continue to thrust.  The sensation and intensity you’re feeling at this point is way past your comfort zone. Most guys would have stopped long before now. You lose control of your muscles and the ability to thrust at this point has completely abandoned you. But she relentlessly pounds her ass up and down as you tighten your grip and hold on for dear life. Your head tilts upwards towards the ceiling, your eyes roll back into your head, and your mouth is open wide. You’re literally in pain from all the pleasure. You can only hope she doesn’t glance behind and see how fucking retarded you look right now as your 2nd orgasm fills the condom. You throw her a towel as you head for the bathroom and notice her legs are shaking with an uncontrollable quiver. While washing your dick in the sink you look down at the tired beast and under your breath say, “well done, sir”.


When was the last time you hurled a full bottle of beer at another man’s head as you saw him pinch your girlfriend’s ass when he thought you weren’t looking? He’s completely soaked and dumbfounded. Everybody’s watching. You get in his face, pick up a shard of broken bottle glass, and tell him it’s going straight in the fucking jugular if the next words out of his mouth aren’t “I’m sorry”. Even though he’s twice your size he backs down because he sees that the pure animalistic rage in your eyes might just be enough to pull off an upset. On the car ride home, you notice a twinkle in your girlfriend’s eye that you haven’t seen in awhile. She tells you how goddamn sexy it was to see you act that way, despite her earlier attempts to calm you down when you were in beast mode. You pull over into a Big Lots parking lot, she climbs on top of you, and starts riding your dick like it’s her last night in this world.


When was the last time you ran that 10k you said you were always going to do? But you get to the halfway point and feel your gut begin to tighten. Your breathing becomes sporadic, your sides are burning, and your body is screaming at you to stop putting it through this cruel hell. The only thing you want to do in the entire world right now is to stop running. Here come the excuses and the rationalizations. Just a quick 5 minute walk. Just to catch your breath and then you’ll pick up the pace again. But no. You tell that little voice inside your head to go fuck itself and you replace it with a new mantra – Just. Keep. Going. You repeat this over and over and you push through the pain. Your body goes into emergency mode and the endorphins flood your system, giving you that runner’s high you’ve heard so much about. By some small miracle, you cross the finish line in a new record time.


When was the last time you really lived?


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