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The Problem Modern Men Face


Once you have a girl’s phone number, what is the most difficult part of meeting her out again and ultimately getting her into bed?


For a long time, the most difficult part for me was keeping the momentum going once I had the number. It was bridging that gap between the time I got the digits and the time I met up with her again (if I met up with her again).


It took me awhile to fully understand why but so many of the phone numbers I got were fizzling out before I could turn them into actual dates.


It seemed there was some crucial step between getting the number and meeting her a 2nd time. And it’s this step where most guys fail.


But then one day I finally realized what happens during this “gap” period of getting the number and then meeting her again.



The Life And Times Of An Attractive Female


Let’s take a minute to think about the day-to-day life of a modern hot girl. On a daily basis, she is usually inundated with a constant stream of male advances, entertainment options, and other various distractions that ultimately form a concerted effort to make her forget about you and whatever impact you may have initially had on her.


A girl may be interested enough to give out her number to you on Friday. But then by the time you try to set up a date on Tuesday, she’s already got 7 other guys in her iMessage inbox, 5 dudes from school or work hitting her up on Facebook chat, and 12 more randoms sliding in her Instagram DM’s. And don’t forget the next season of Orange Is The New Black will be out before you know it so good look competing with that. 


She has more choices and options then she knows what to do with today. So when it comes back to you and where things left off, she often flakes or the interaction just fades out.


How many times have you had things “just fizzle out” like this?


In the modern dating scene we find ourselves in, standing out from the masses and keeping the momentum has never been more important.


So how do you do that?



Be Heard In A Noisy World


You need a non-needy and low-investment way to accomplish a few key goals:


1. Build attraction by letting her peek into the intriguing aspects of your lifestyle.

2. Build comfort by bringing your persona, your face, or your voice into the palm of her hand.

3. Build intimacy and sexual tension in a fun but discreet platform.


Snapchat allows you to achieve all three of these in a scalable way. You can take one picture or one video and impact dozens of girls in your network or social circle.


I first downloaded Snapchat back in 2011. And over the last several years, it has evolved into my #1 method for connecting with girls, getting them out on dates, and ultimately using Snapchat to get laid.


I’m at the point now where I’m using Snapchat more than traditional texting – because it works better than traditional texting.


Snapchat Example


Let me give a quick example. What do you think a girl is more likely to respond to in a modern world of endless distractions and options?


A text message that says “Hey how are you? What’re you up to this weekend?” coming from your number that likely isn’t even saved in her phone?


Or this Snapchat..




This simple little picture gets responses almost EVERY time. The generic “How are you” text that she’s already received 1,000 times in her life gets ignored.


There is so much you can do as a follow up to the above Snapchat. You can tease her for when she answers back “Grey” (It’s actually a blue shirt). You can tell her it’s her turn to play and see if you can get her to play this game with more interesting articles of clothing. You can tell her that you need to go shirt shopping soon and you’re bringing her along as your personal assistant. I’ve had some amazing nights that started out just by sending a simple Snapchat to dozens of girls.. and you can too.


Do you see how much better this is than asking her how her day is going or what she’s doing this weekend? An important concept for having more success with women is to stop fawning over her and start being a challenge instead. Snapchat is a perfect tool for that.


Snapchat Seduction


Snapchat has been such an effective means of getting girls that I decided to write an entire book on the subject. Snapchat Seduction compiles my entire method of using Snapchat and everything I’ve learned using it over the last five years.


In the book, I’ve included dozens of Snapchat examples you can send like the one above that almost guarantee a response from her. I’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to use these Snapchats to keep the momentum going, get her out on a date, sext her, and ultimately get her into bed.


The way people communicate changes over time, especially when it comes to dating. It used to be telephone calls. Then it became texting. Now Snapchat is becoming the #1 way to interact with the girls you’re interested in.


Don’t miss out on this new way to get the most out of your dating life.


You can learn more about the book here: Snapchat Seduction




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