If there’s one skill any player should posses, it’s the having the balls and the confidence to roll up in the bar by himself.


Sometimes it’s best to be your own wingman.


And not just when you’re traveling and have no other option, but also in your home city when you’ve got plenty of friends who are just a text message away.


The unfortunate truth is that many friends will hold you back from improving your game. Especially if you’re out with just 1-2 other guys.

You’ll feel obligated to stay by their side for much of the night. So you end up just standing there with your dick in your hand until last call.


Of course, dudes’ night out is an important ritual that shouldn’t be routinely neglected. But having the gall to roll solo once in awhile is the mark of a true player.


Your Night Is Going To Suck If You Don’t Make Moves


How many times have you gone out with a group of friends to a busy bar scene? There you are surrounded by thousands of people engaged in all kinds of different conversations.

But by the time the night is over, you’ve only chatted with the people in the group you came with.

Maybe you made a few comments to girls nearby. But it’s doubtful you made a strong effort to meet new people.

You could have just stayed in and played poker with the same group of friends and probably would have had more fun for a lot less money.

Sometimes when the comfort of the group is by your side, you sell your individual success short.


But if you go out alone, you put yourself in a situation where you have two options. You find new people to strike up conversation with or your night is going to suck. It’s either one or the other.


You Will Make More Approaches


You won’t have other people distracting you, holding you back, or judging you when you’re out on your own.

Now of course, some guys are great wingmen. But most are not. Think back to all the times you went out with friends. How many instances can you recall where one of your friends actively encouraged you and helped you to pull a hot girl?

It’s likely to be a rare occurrence. Most guys are not in the business of improving themselves and achieving above-average success, let alone helping you to achieve above-average success.


When you roll solo, you’re either talking to a new person, or you’re standing at the bar looking for someone to approach. This dynamic all but guarantees you’ll be putting in more attempts than if you have friends by your side to keep you entertained.


You See What You’re Really Made Of


Being out by yourself goes against the grain. It’s not something that average people do. So naturally, most people will probably think it’s weird. When I’m chatting up some cute girls and they ask where my friends are, I just tell them I lost them and she can keep me company until I find them.


You’ll be a hell of a lot more aware and observant when you prowl as a lone wolf. You’ll be able to survey the environment with more perceptive eyes. You’ll be able to monitor your own behavior more effectively. You’ll have more internal dialogue with yourself and improve your game with greater efficiency.


And if the place blows, you move on to the next one without having to acquire a group consensus.


Going out alone puts your skills to the test. It requires you to overcome anxiety and fear which makes you level up as a man.


Of course, life without good friends is no life at all. But the next time all of them are staying in and having a chill weekend, don’t let that change a damn thing about your desire to go out. See it as an opportunity to roll out solo and see what you’re made of.


Have you ever gone out alone before? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


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