Boy learns Game. Boy meets girls. Boy seduces girls.


This scenario plays itself out dozens of times until one day boy meets a girl who is different than the others.


With time, he’ll find a girl who holds his interest in a way the other girls can’t. A girl who has relationship-material qualities. A girl who doesn’t fuck indiscriminately.


Boy is experienced enough to know how to get Girl interested in him. He runs the same type of Game on her that worked on all the other girls he’s seduced.


His enlightened approach unlocks her affection and they embark on the path of courtship. Boy is ecstatic.


A little too ecstatic.


But things are going great. For now.


Boy and Girl talk and text each other all throughout the day. Their walls come down and they get to know each other intimately.


He feels comfortable enough to tell Girl things he doesn’t tell most people. They share secrets with each other and become close.


She has earned his respect. He has earned her intimacies.


She is sweet to him and makes him feel good. He knows he still has to be attractive and do and say attractive things, but he feels like he doesn’t have play the Game quite as rigidly as he used to.


For all of this, he feels even more compelled to reward her and reciprocate her kindness and sweet affection.


He starts giving her endearing compliments every day. He starts telling her how great she makes him feel. He starts doing a little too much.


Without noticing, Boy has begun to give more affection than he gets in return from Girl.


She starts to pull away. Almost on cue.


Without realizing it, he’s given away the upper hand. He now wants her more than she wants him. Boy’s well-intended kindness has betrayed him. And bored her.


First thing to go is the sexual nature their relationship once had. Her desire that used to burn so badly for him has been extinguished. If he inquires as to what happened, the blame is placed on headaches, and menstrual cycles, and bad days, or any other one of life’s difficult issues.


Next comes the rude behavior and ungrateful attitude. His existence is somewhat of a reliable annoyance to her now. If he inquires as to what happened, the blame is placed on headaches, and menstrual cycles, and bad days, or any other one of life’s difficult issues.


Boy is left scratching his head, reflecting over the last several weeks or months wondering where he went wrong. Wondering what the hell happened.


He longs so badly to return to the days when she used to burn for him. He longs for the days when the one he admires and desires used to admire and desire him back. But sadly, those days are gone.


He starts to look back over the course of relationship. This amazing girl came into his life and gave him more happiness and rocked his world in ways he never dreamed of. Then just like that, it seems she has snatched it away and all that’s left is a bitter, unappreciative ball and chain with her list of demands.


The break up comes soon after. Hopefully it comes before infidelity, if he’s lucky or had good judgment in his choice of partner.


He feels a bitterness towards Girl who is now just another girl.


He goes back to reading his Game books. He starts to realize he never should have put them down in the first place. 


In retrospect, he realizes the error of his ways.


He used pragmatic Game to try and fulfill a Disney fantasy. A fantasy where you can go back to just being yourself. He realizes all too late that he never should have pedastalized Girl the way he did and that treating her like more of a regular girl probably would have kept her intrigued.


He sees now that his own lazy behavior is to blame. He got his relationship with a quality girl and then thought it was safe to loosen his grip on the cognizance of his own behavior and the understanding of female psychology.


This amnesiac approach to Game has cost him dearly. 


It’s a sad story that happens every single day.


In hindsight it’s clear what happened to Boy. He backslid. He allowed himself to fall under a girl’s spell and reverted back to his default unattractive behavior. She wore him down and he finally gave in. She beat him at his own Game.


But he learned a most valuable lesson that he’ll carry with him for the rest of his life and all of his future relationships.
He’s just been through Game’s toughest lesson:


Game never stops


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  • JT

    Read this post a while back, just commenting, but man, I met this chick in ATL and did just that….I gave her the californication-type treatment where I was very direct expressed in a manor letting her know she’s not the only one but I was choosing her….Started to get sloppy and gave her tooooo much attention smh….I got the lay way a few times but I should be sitting back throwing some game and letting her chase but Instead im trying to reverse the mediocrity I put out there

    • Brock Robinson

      The moment you start to go on autopilot and stop paying attention to your game behavior, is the moment she starts to slip away

    • It’s all too easy to slide back into weak needy behavior once things are going well.

  • He lost her here:

    “He feels comfortable enough to tell Girl things he doesn’t tell most people.”

    The classic bluepill error.