It took a long time for me to figure out the best way to track my productivity.


For awhile I just kept a physical planner and would write down what I accomplished that day.


But it was another thing I had to lug around and I eventually stopped keeping up with it.


When I wake up in the morning, I try to figure out what I’m going to do that day that will advance me in someway.


Putting in a solid workday at the office doesn’t count. While this activity results in money that I need, I feel that my time spent at the office advances my employer more than it advances me.


So my productivity calendar does not reflect anything I do in my day job.


Below is a snapshot of the first two weeks of 2017. I color-coordinate different activity so I can glance at a full month and get a feel for how often I’m working on something like going to the gym vs. writing vs. dates, etc.


Red is working out. Blue is writing. Orange is reading. Purple is going out on dates (probably the most taxing of all). Green is working on my task list. You get the idea. And then black is just general stuff not really productivity but things I spent my time on.




This is just a simple Excel spreadsheet that you can download for free in the link below. You don’t have to give an email address or anything to get it.


I would recommend just leaving it open on your computer all day so that it’s always in front of you.


The full year calendar is on the right side of the page and they also have calendars for individual months.



Give and try and see if it improves your life and your productivity.



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