Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a WordPress post?


But then just as you’re ready to broadcast your brilliance out into the world you notice the spacing is all jacked up.


It’s happened to me plenty of times. Most commonly when I try to insert a Blockquote or start messing around with the boldface and italics.


The spacing will appear to be just the way I want it in my post editor, but then when I go to preview or publish it I’ll notice that there’s no longer any spacing and all the sentences and paragraphs are smushed together.


My painstaking effort of strategic white-space utilization was all for nothing. And that makes me sad.


Does this happen to you? It took me forever to figure out the solution so I’m going to share it here.



The first thing you’ll want to do..


Check your “Text” editor. In WordPress, it’s most common for people to use the “Visual” editor when creating posts. But the “Text editor” or in other words the HTML editor shows you what’s lying under the hood. We’re going to need to pop your hood and take a further look at the problem.


Switch your editor from Visual to Text in the top right corner as shown below and look at the code. This is what it should look like when all is well. Note that “ ” is the code needed for proper spacing. WordPress should automatically be doing that when all is right with the world.





Now take a look at what happens when something screwy is going on. I used the Blockquote feature in the post below and somehow <p style=”text-align: center;”> got inserted at the beginning of every sentence I wanted spaced. I’ve also seen instances of  “</DIV>” or “<0/DIV>” somehow get in there and wreck my spacing.





You’ll need to go through and manually delete every instance of these rogue codes in your Text editor. Once you’ve done that, you should regain the ability to edit spacing as you wish either in the text editor or the visual editor.


Don’t worry about manually entering in “&nbsp;” because WordPress should be doing that automatically now that you’ve cleared out the problem.


Once you’ve completed that, you should be all set to hit publish and wow your audience with the next great American blog post.


Did I solve your problem and save you countless headaches?


If you have a second then write a comment below and let me know! Or click on one of my Most Popular Posts and read around for awhile.


Good luck out there!



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  • Thank you. The spacing issue was driving me crazy. I appreciate this quick tutorial.