Today I want to share a hobby I’ve picked up over the last year.



Say I’m fooling around in bed with a girl. I point over to my bookcase which is at the right of my bed.





“Have you ever seen one of those?”


“What is it?”


“This. It’s basically like a modern Polaroid. Here, look.”


Of course I’m talking about the Fujifilm Instax Wide Camera sitting atop my book shelf.





I grab the camera from its strategic perch and show it to her.


“See the film prints out of this slot at the top as soon as you take the picture. There’s no digital aspect to it. It’s just like a Polaroid.”


She gives it a glance and says “Ohh that’s pretty cool”


A mischievous smirk appears on my face and I go ahead and tell her what we both know I’m thinking. 


“I want to take a picture”


And before you know it I’m shooting sexy pics of her like my name is Connor Meade.




Girls love the Instax.


You can probably see why. The archaic functionality of the camera gives her a sense of security.


She trusts that since there isn’t a digital feature to the camera, the nudes she’s about to take for you won’t end up plastered all over Twitter porn accounts, internet forums, and secret blogs that you operate.


Of course, you could just take a digital photo of the instax photo with your phone. But let’s not remind anybody of that for now.


This hobby is about having fun and doing something different to spice up your sex life. I’d encourage you to use it for good and not evil.


It’s amazing how many girls will eagerly strip down and assume whatever position you say, once they realize there aren’t any SD cards, USBs, and cloud-based servers attached to the camera.


So the next time you’ve got a girl in bed and you want to spark things up a bit, reach for the instax camera and capture a few sexy memories.



Before you know it, you may have a whole portfolio on your hands.


You can learn more here: Instax on Amazon





You can learn more here: Instax on Amazon


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