It’s every man’s nightmare.


You fall in love with a girl. You get into a comfortable relationship with her. You might even solidify that relationship with a marriage contract legally entitling her to half of what you own.


Then one day, all that comfort and security your relationship provides suddenly erodes her motivation to keep you hooked with that sexy body you both enjoy.


There’s stress at work. Maybe a kid or two to take care of at home. And it doesn’t help that the daily commute to work has 17 fast food restaurants along the way.


She knows you’ll never leave her. So keeping the body in top form starts to slip down the list of priorities. And day by day, you watch as that pleasant physique you know and love starts to inch just a little bit closer to resembling a beach ball.


It’s her fault for letting it happen. But it’s your fault for tolerating it.



The best medicine is preventive medicine.


Before you even consider commitment, there is an important conversation to have.


Start it off by joking around and using yourself as the example. Ask her, “Would you ever leave me if I got fat and bald?”


She might respond in kind with a joke of her own and give you some form of the answer yes in a playful tone (although she’s not really playing).


The next thing to do is laugh it off and agree. “Shit I’d leave me too if I ever got fat”


Then comes your reassurance. Hopefully it’s genuine. “But you don’t have to worry about that. I hold myself to a certain standard”


Like clockwork, the next question out of her mouth will be, “would ever leave ME if I got fat?”


And you nonchalantly respond, “I would leave any girl if she got fat. I hold myself to a certain standard and I expect the same from girls I date”



What happens next can only positively impact your life.


If she gets upset then congratulations. You’ve just identified a girl who will almost certainly let herself go once she has the commitment and security she needs from a man. You’ve successfully dodged a bullet. A large one.


If she gets annoyed by your standards, then that means her own standards are less than adequate.


But if she respectfully agrees and starts to remind you how often she hits the gym, then you might have a keeper on your hands.


I had this exact conversation with my last serious girlfriend.


It increased the mutual respect and attraction we had for each other.


Her body only improved as our relationship progressed.


And later on that night.. two bodies in great shape fucked each other senseless.




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