I recently came across a thought-provoking Instagram story from a girl that I had met online through SA over the summer.



Evidently, Dan Bilzerian sent her a DM, inviting her to come party at a house he rented.



She took the screenshot you see below and posted it as her story to show all of her followers.





This Instagram story reminded me of an important dating fundamental that can increase your success and lower your stress if you go about it the right way.



The #1 Lie Girls Would Have You Believe





One of the biggest misconceptions I used to have about women is that they would be turned off if they knew I slept with a lot of other girls.


Probably because as men, we often are somewhat turned off if we think a girl has behaved in the same promiscuous way.


Think about all those times you’ve seen a girl react negatively when she learns that a man she’s interested in has fucked his way through half the city.



She acts disgusted





And part of her certainly is. But underneath the surface, she’s intrigued by it.


The part of her that is disgusted by your high notch count is only the part of her that needs and craves security from a man. Her disgust is coming from that innate desire to lock your shit down and get you to commit. 


But at the same time, that lustful emotional side of her, the side of her that causes her to spread her legs, fucking loves knowing you’re the kind of man who can get whatever and whoever he wants. 


When a man who has the world and everything in it, picks her, that is her validation. It’s hard factual proof of how desirable she is.


So when the king of players himself, Dan Bilzerian, sends a DM to an Instagram hottie, her whole year is made and she screenshots it to broadcast the news of her desirability to all of her friends and followers.


And shortly after (although perhaps a little more discreetly) she sends him a message back and happily joins his harem.


Understand that girls give out pussy to high-status players in the same way that banks pay huge sums of interest to rich people who have gobs of money, all the while charging insufficient funds fees to the penniless poor.


Now you should never directly brag about or verbally broadcast the number of women you’ve had sex with. It’s better to be subtle and keep people guessing. But don’t bother hiding or downplaying your cad lifestyle. Play it up.


Don’t fool yourself into thinking that women value your modesty





I used to make the mistake of communicating to women that I don’t sleep around with a lot of girls. I wanted her to feel assured that she would never feel the sting of jealousy if she developed feelings for me.

I thought I was being respectful by giving a girl my undivided attention and making her think she was the only one I had eyes for.


But then I realized that while this behavior might give her a sense of security, it simultaneously extinguishes the flames that make her burn for you.


So now when a girl is coming over, I no longer take the time to sweep my apartment of any hair bands or bobby pins that might be lying around.


I don’t bother keeping my phone facedown so she can’t see all the other texts and snaps coming in from other girls. I leave it face up and pretend I don’t notice my phone lighting up like a pinball machine.


If I she asks me to lend her a hairbrush in the morning, I no longer give her my good brush and then pick out the stray hairs afterward. I give her the nasty brush that all the other girls before her have used. The brush that looks like it’s been raped by Chewbacca. The hoebrush.


She’ll make her little comment. I’ll respond with a shrug and smirk, fanning the flames of her desire and seeing the lust in her eyes when she realizes she’s fucking a guy who just gets it. 


And the virtuous circle continues to spiral upward.









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