Maria was 25 years old. A thin and petite brunette who spent the first quarter of her life in Monterrey, Mexico.


But one day she got so sick of living with her parents and job hunting in the lackluster Mexican economy that she decided to just up and move to the states. She found an au pair program that would locate a family in a large American city to host her for a year and provide income in exchange for housekeeping and childcare duties. It wasn’t the type of work she envisioned herself doing as a post-grad twenty-something but it had to be better than another year of job searching and living with mom and dad. So in January 2016 She left life as she knew it behind and moved to America.


Like many Latina girls, Maria was brought up in a Catholic household. She was raised conservative and had traditional family values. Her parents had strict rules and expectations that were to be upheld. She even arrived at America’s doorstep a virgin.


I met Maria later that summer about 6 months into her new life in the U.S. We matched on Tinder, met for a couple rounds of drinks, then went back to my apartment and had sex on the first date. I knew this was a common millennial practice in the states but it wasn’t something I anticipated from her considering she was a virgin just a few months prior. But as it turned out, I was her 4th sexual partner at that point.


The date had been highly sensual. We got on the topic of sex positions and I told her that it seemed doggystyle is always everyone’s favorite. It was unclear if she had ever tried it before.


She responded “maybe you can show me later”. I asked the waitress for the check. 


I liked her and enjoyed her company. She was sweet and nice and didn’t have any hint of bad attitude or negative vibe. But it did seem odd that all of a sudden she just wanted to start fucking strange men from the internet. I wanted to investigate further.


After we were done having sex I told her she should stay over. Something I don’t normally go out of my way to do.


I was curious as to what caused the sudden shift in her behavior. She spent her entire life a virgin and then came to America to start sleeping with strangers? 


Was she just not meeting guys she was into during the quarter century she lived in Mexico?


Or was she finally in a new and exciting environment that didn’t seem to have the same rules she was used to growing up?


Her assimilation into the drinking and partying culture appeared almost immediate. After reviewing her Instagram photos, I noticed a sharp change in the types of pictures that were posted around the time she moved. They started out as innocent depictions of modest family life but then suddenly became a barrage of drunken partying and clubbing shots.


But her pleasant attitude never changed, at least not yet. I continued hanging out with Maria throughout the year and enjoyed her company. But I knew nothing serious would ever come of it because she was clearly in the midst of a heavy partying stage. Not to mention she was due to go back to Mexico at the end of the year.


Despite all her partying, I still found myself developing little feelings here and there for her due to the pleasing nature and kindness she had. But then one morning I made a distasteful discovery.


I was texting Maria and told her that I’ve had a fun time with her and I was going to miss her when she went back to Mexico. We had a nice chat. Then later that morning I found myself scrolling through the website Seeking Arrangement. I like to periodically check the site to see if any girls I know have decided to become prostitutes sugar babies.  


And guess who I saw under the “New Members” tab?


In less than a year, the young Catholic girl who had arrived in America a virgin was enthusiastically selling her body online to the highest bidder. And I believe it was at this moment I knew I would never again seriously date a girl who has anything do with the country of my birth.



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