Bumble is hands down the best dating app for looking at hot girls. Not even when Tinder was in its 2013 prime was there a dating app that had so many gorgeous girls back to back to back. I mean, damn.


Bumble is the “socially-approved” Tinder. Somehow, someway Bumble has managed to transcend the shame that girls felt blatantly opting into the hookup culture and messaging strange men on the internet.


Give that PR team a promotion and a raise because I’ve never seen so many people talk about two things that are exactly the same, Tinder & Bumble, but treat them like they’re two vastly different entities. I.e., Tinder being for shameless hookups, and Bumble somehow being perceived as more classy.


While this false perception is what gets so many people to sign up for a Bumble profile, it comes with a few drawbacks.



Girls Will Match You And Never Message You


You’re probably aware that what makes Bumble different is that the girl has to send the first message in 24 hours or the match expires forever.





We’ve all been there. We get that gorgeous match. We watch the time run out. We even file the damn 24 hour extension like we’re supposed to! And nothing happens.


Because guys are the ones who are supposed to make the first move.



Girls On Bumble Only Message Guys That They Already Know


Yesterday, I matched with a friend who happens to also work in the same building as me.


We’ve known each other since high school and I’m pretty sure she friend-zoned me sometime back in 2007 (I’ll still give it the old college try but not expecting much from it).




What does this exchange tell you? It means that the vast majority of your time spent on Bumble is in vain.


You will have to play the numbers game until your thumb gets sore before you get any kind of return on your time investment.



Ego Validation Is At The Heart Of Bumble’s Success


And to some extent, all dating apps plus Instagram.


Let’s face it. Girls love attention the way guys love sex. I’m not hating, it’s the way we’re wired.


I’m just saying that if you’re a single guy out there pounding the pavement, it’s useful to know that most male activity on dating apps + Instagram is like attention currency and mostly used as an input to boost her ego.




You can still have success online so long as you stop being supplicative, stop complimenting her looks, and start being a fun challenge and a tease who doesn’t care about the outcome.


Lately, my approach to Bumble has been to just screenshot their Instagram handle whenever they post it, which is most of the time. Then when I’m bored at work, I’ll take 20 or so screenshotted Instagram handles I’ve saved and message them on all on Instagram with the approach outlined here.


If you know a better way of having success with Bumble, let me know.


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  • KensiBlonde

    How about saying something interesting instead of immediately asking her for ridiculous stories about other guys? She might have responded better.