There has been a lot of talk recently on one of Goldmund‘s classic writings, An Introduction To Camera Game: How To Seduce Women Through Photography.


I purchased this book in early 2017. And for someone like me who knew very little about photography, it was a game-changer and I enjoyed picking up some of the knowledge and experience that was put down in the book.


First, it’s important to note that An Introduction To Camera Game: How To Seduce Women Through Photography has gone through a series of attacks from demonizing articles and fake Amazon reviews.


In short, Camera Game was falsely accused of being predatory, manipulative, etc. by a bunch of people who read the title of the book but not the actual book itself. At the height of the #MeToo hysteria, it was easy to make a target out of writers who provided any sort of guidance on how to have success with women.


Of course, for anyone who actually read the book, they quickly learned that Camera Game was simply about using photography as a means to break the ice, connect with women, and take them on a fun adventure that left both parties in an elevated state.


What Camera Game is not


This book isn’t about blowing up the DMs of some Instagram e-thot trying to get her to agree to a shoot (I don’t think Instagram is mentioned once in the book which is great).


This book isn’t about setting up fake shoots and tricking girls into sex, casting-couch style.


And this book isn’t about acquiring status in some sleazy industry and then using your power as a means to sleep with women who need something from you.


Camera Game is about connecting with someone new and leaving them in a better place than you found them


“Photography is an activity that will change the way you see the world. It can enhance the way you think, look, observe, and can give you a unique perspective in all situations. There is nothing better than when you are in the ‘zone’ and your eyes are opened up to the world around you. Being able to live outside of yourself and take things in is not only a skill that allows you to become observant and mindful, but it is also an incredibly pleasurable activity that will allow you to find beauty in the most unlikely of places.”

– Goldmund, An Introduction To Camera Game: How To Seduce Women Through Photography


The book starts out with Goldmund’s beginnings in photography which goes back many years. He then goes on to explain how implementing photography into your lifestyle can improve many aspects of your life such as being more outgoing and becoming a better conversationalist.


The next chapters cover everything you need to know about actual camera gear and technical aspects of photography. I enjoyed learning about all of the core concepts of photography and felt like I had taken a legit class.


Once you’ve got a working knowledge of how to use the camera, Goldmund walks you through step by step on exactly how he approaches women, the correct mindset to have, and even word-for-word what you can say to them.


“You should go out with the goal to get some good photos, show girls a good time, and have fun. Approach girls only with the intent to capture an interesting photo. While you are talking to her, watching her respond, and interacting, you are screening her to see if you have a good vibe with one another. Only then, if she seems cool and you are having a good time will you pursue anything further. If you do it right and follow the basic principles that will follow, girls will certainly be attracted to you, and there will not be any ‘games’ being played.”

– Goldmund, An Introduction To Camera Game: How To Seduce Women Through Photography


I won’t give away the actual methods and statements that Goldmund uses in his approaches, but they are all outlined in heavy detail in the book.


After snapping a few shots of the girls, Goldmund explains how to connect and get comfortable through conversation and transition into getting a phone number or just bouncing over to a nearby bar for drinks if you’re hitting it off.


There’s even a collection of stories at the end of the book where Goldmund details some of his favorite interactions using Camera Game. If you read Goldmund or are subscribed to his email newsletter, you already know he’s got some crazy stories.


I don’t own a DSLR, but I’ve personally had a lot of success using an Instax camera which is like a modern Polaroid. These are fun to fool around with in bed and a lot of fun to take with you to the bar or a party.


In fall of 2017, I got to see first-hand how Goldmund puts his Camera Game to use when I took a trip to New York City and saw him in action on his home turf. I was impressed by how smoothly he approached the girls and just minutes later had them laughing and smiling as he snapped photos of them kissing a tiny wooden phallus (one of Goldmund’s “props” that he explains in the book).


Goldmund is an artist, photographer, and a visionary. And he’s put together a great roadmap for any man who wants to get some excitement and wisdom out of life. Reading An Introduction To Camera Game: How To Seduce Women Through Photography is a solid place to start.




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