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Little MK asks,

First and foremost, my text game is worse than Helen Keller’s driving…The other day I sent a girl who I had already rounded the bases with a few weeks ago a text blatantly stating I want to round the bases again, no games or discreteness, that was literally the text. No lead up, no warm up swings, out of the blue. I sent it because I was scared I was going to be put in the friend zone, and I wanted to make my intentions clear… She read it and now nothing… Should I just move on? Am I overthinking this? Like I said, I am new here so be easy.



  1. You already slept with her. You’re not going to be put in the friend zone with one bad text.
  2. Yes, you’re overthinking it.


She probably got annoyed that you so blatantly treated her like a sex doll. Even though you made the sale once, you still have to provide a good customer experience to get repeat business.

Once you’ve slept with her, the power shifts into your hands. You’re already on her notch count list. She can fuck you 100 times and her notch count still doesn’t increase and nobody will judge her. Girls typically will take advantage of this and be a lot easier with the guys they’ve already had sex with. No girl would see you as a platonic friend shortly after sleeping with you.

What this means for you is that you no longer have to be needy and wonder to yourself if you’re over thinking things.

Overthinking = Overvaluing

Take her off the pedestal and just invite her to be a part of your world again sometime. Keep a fun, positive energy and don’t be afraid to make a move.

And lastly, do you want to know the best way to avoid overvaluing a girl? Get lots of them in a rotation at the same time.


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