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Hey Brock,

First of all thank you, since finding your blog the number of girls I match with and talk to through tinder has skyrocketed. There is however a problem, a large majority of the time I can’t seem to clinch that date. I will talk to them for a day or so on tinder, get their number and text for another day or two. The conversations always get along great but when I finally make that move and bring up going out sometime I get nothing but radio silence in return and this is with almost every single one of them not just an isolated few. I would appreciate any input.
Thanks again,


Thanks for writing in. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog and have been able to skyrocket your matches and responses on Tinder.


It sounds like you’re doing a great job of getting bites. Now you just have to get her hooked.


Don’t forget the typical cute girl today has more dating options than the daughter of a Roman patrician, so it’s going to take a fun and ultra-confident approach to get her interested in meeting you.


1. It’s possible that you’re going for the date before she is comfortable enough to meet you out.


Try adding her on Instagram or Snapchat since these are awesome ways that she can observe you from afar and get comfortable with the idea of meeting the real you


Bonus points if you tease her into being the one that adds you.


2. But the big question that comes to my mind is how are you bringing up going out on a date?


Make sure you are following the cardinal rule of assuming the attraction and then apply that same assumption towards the idea of going out on a date.


Of course she wants to go out on a date with you. Why wouldn’t she? If she doesn’t you’ve got a dozen more who do.


👆That should be your mindset


Finally, the biggest mistake you can make when asking a girl out on a date… is asking a girl out on date.


Don’t Do This:


“Are you free this week? Would you like to get dinner?”


“I like you. Can we hangout this weekend?”


“You are so gorgeous. I would love to go out with you sometime”


Do This:


“Have you ever been to X bar?” “You haven’t?? Whaaat it’s seriously the best Irish pub in the city. Don’t you ever get out? We’re going.”


“Well you seem cool and I like that you’re into “insert a unique interest of hers” we should get a drink this week”


“Hey wear that black dress on our date” “Oh I didn’t tell you? Yeah we’re getting drinks this week”


Assume the sale. Why wouldn’t you?



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