If you’re familiar with the concept of sugar dating, then you know it typically involves a transfer of funds or gifts from the “sugar daddy” to the “sugar baby” in exchange for her time, companionship, or intimacy.


With the recent explosion of “sugaring” in Western countries, you’ll probably find yourself asking the question, “Are sugar babies prostitutes?” sooner rather than later.


It seems that every time I get on Seeking Arrangement, I see yet another girl I know who has evidently decided to throw herself into this new market that’s sweeping through America’s millennial generation of women.


But I believe that Sugar Dating websites are just getting started. In 2017, we’re probably still a few years out from the coming Sugar Boom that will engulf the West and turn the majority of the female dating pool into online sexual commodities.


So Are Sugar Babies Prostitutes?


Before we answer that question, it’s important to take a look at the biases of the different parties that will be all too eager to dole out their opinions.


I’ve seen entire blogs that exist for the sole purpose of convincing women that sugar dating is the hot new method of female empowerment.


They will go to great lengths to persuade readers that a sexual relationship contingent on continuous transfers of cash are in no way remotely related to prostitution.


Then at the end of their article, they tell you to click on an affiliate link to a sugar dating website where they receive a commission if you sign up.


Considering they have a monetary incentive to make women feel comfortable with “sugaring” that means their opinions are probably a little biased aren’t they?


On the other hand you have guys like me who sit back and watch as a growing percentage of date-able women take their sexuality and warm affection and turn it into a cold hard commodity.


Most normal guys are a little put off by this as we would prefer to know that the women we date have not auctioned their bodies off to the highest bidder on what is basically a sexy eBay.


So I’ll admit I have a bias too.


Lastly, sugar babies themselves have a bias in answering this question as they are getting huge benefits with little to no social consequences.


In decades past, this kind of behavior was met with harsh judgment. It still kind of is but it’s a hell of a lot easier to keep secret and get away with it these days.


Here is the simple definition of the word when typed into a Google search



So are sugar babies prostitutes? All you have to do is read this definition above and be honest with yourself on how closely it aligns to the relationship between any given sugar daddy and sugar baby.


Is the sexual relationship with a man contingent on the transfer of funds? That’s pretty much textbook prostitution.


Is the sexual relationship with a man contingent on the reception of material gifts such as jewelry, cars, or paid bills such as rent and utilities. That’s soft prostitution.


Is the sexual relationship with a man contingent on elaborate dinners, dates, and trips? That’s probably a little closer to traditional dating with a gold-digger asterisk.


Be Honest With Yourself And Be Honest With Your Partner


While I think the number of women opting in to this lifestyle is a little concerning, at the end of the day I don’t think there should be anything to stop her from doing it if that’s really what she wants.



The problem I have is when I see a girl plowing through multiple sugar daddies, engaging in textbook prostitution, and then proceeding to lie or hide these lifestyle choices from her “real” boyfriends because she doesn’t want to deal with the social fallout.



I can’t count the times I’ve seen girls leading these double lives. They bang a few 40-somethings, get their rent paid for a year, and then lock down some dude her own age that has no idea.



I do keep in touch with a lot of the SeekingArrangement girls I hook up with through salt dating.




I’ll be flipping through her Instagram photos and what do you know it’s the same chump hugging up on her in every pic.








All I’m saying is that people deserve to know what they’re getting into when entering a relationship with a person. Your past is always a part of you and not something you get to just wipe clean.



If being a sugar daddy or a sugar baby is a lifestyle you want to live – that’s fine. Just own it. The same way I’ve owned Salt Dating.




Note: I’m currently writing a book chronicling my experiences in the sugar dating world. If you have some interesting stories of your own then I would encourage you to take the survey through the link below – All input is welcome, both male and female, both fans and haters. Your name will be kept anonymous. 

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  • Ken Weston J. Prescott

    I harbor no delusions. Of course they’re prostitutes. I generally ignore women’s opinions on the matter now: what they think is irrelevant.

    They can screech and squawk all they want but an apple is an apple. And while i have only been a salt daddy twice i abso-fucking-lutely loved it and feel no moral qualms about it.

    Women never stop screeching no matter what men do

    • Women on sugar babies prostituting themselves: “You go girlll.. work it get that money”

      Women on salt daddies showing the girls a good time, accepting easy sex when it’s thrown at them, but never paying them for it: “Horrible! Pathetic! Creepy! Disgusting!”

  • The Night Slasher

    They are nothing but degenerate whores. That is all.

  • lucia hill

    this article is an ad, and the guy writing is a degenerate who claims to use these services. He is a john as much as they are prostitutes, i guess. Empty empty

  • Jack

    Thanks for sharing this. As a fellow city bachelor, I see it on the fringes of online dating. But I can only imagine how many women are doing it “hush hush”. Really, I agree with your sentiments completely, but women, if not kept in check by social restraints, will behave in frightening ways. Behavior such as described above where women “sugar” and then hide that past from men who they hope to date/marry gives me great pause in EVER getting married. I’m not a misogynist, (I enjoy women and their company) but good grief, we live in some piss poor times morally.

    • Good point. People operate on incentive on usually will do whatever they can get away with as long as it’s considered socially accepted. Marriage is becoming a sacrifice that is too dangerous for a man to consider.

  • Jimmie Venom

    I just want to say that I have no moral objection to sugaring, which is prostitution. A past as a hooker doesn’t affect my view of a women I meet, though the type of personality that drives a privileged, successful young woman to prostitute herself often turns me off quickly.

    What gets me is lying about it. Well, really lying about anything. It’s all equally wrong. Point is, sugaring is prostitution, but it’s only ‘bad’ when people lie about it. Just like lying about anything else.

    Another thing, I think you make a lot of great points, but you really fall on your face trying to make all these leaps to backwards, hypocritical, and misogynistic moral judgements. Morals change, and are always subjective anyway. Would your bachelor life be any fun if it was still seen as immoral to even be on a date without a chaperone? You have benefitted so much from the loosening of sexual mores, and instead of celebrating and encouraging that to continue towards equality and openness you espouse a bunch of crappy slut shaming and misogynistic bullshit. If it’s ok for you to hookup with whoever you like, you can’t then judge women as bad candidates for long term relationships simply for having had past partners, unless you want them to judge you similarly.

    • In the 21st century, the common man has gained the ability to have a sex life that was previously available to only rockstars and kings. But he has lost something too. The ability to have a deep, trusting, and traditional relationship with one girl.
      I don’t think criticism of modern dating culture and questioning the environment we find ourselves in is the same thing as misogyny. Hating someone for who they are and judging someone for what they do are two different things.