The City Bachelor is a men’s lifestyle blog. Here you’ll find a collection of hilarious escapades, thought-provoking observations, dating culture insights, and pragmatic advice taken from the combined experiences and shared wisdom of men across the world.


At age 25, I decided to start writing about experiences I’ve had and things that I’ve learned from working, living, and going out in the city. I write about dates, reviews on local bars & restaurants, and thoughts about culture and life. Add your voice to the conversation here.


It’s not news that men are choosing to live as bachelors for longer and longer periods of time. My goal is to figure out why that is while documenting my own bachelorhood, and ultimately answer the question: In this day and age, should a man remain a bachelor forever?


My goal is to break out of Corporate America and experience different cities and countries over the next 10-20 years. In my travels, I’ll be sampling the food, culture, and females that the world has to offer. And I’m going to tell the whole uncensored story here.


I’m not a “life coach”. I’m not a “dating guru”. I’m a guy in his twenties who wants to see some places, meet cool people, and make his way in the world. Come along for the ride if you’d like.


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