Images from the Netflix series, Black Mirror, Episode: Fifteen Million Merits.



Another Saturday afternoon. Another coffee shop writing session.


He set up camp at a small counter-height roundtable and took a seat facing the room and everyone in it.


He was anxious and paranoid and always had to sit with his back to the wall, even though he knew he’d occasionally get distracted by people-watching and get less work done.


A big family of 9 walked in and seated themselves at the long table in front of him, leaving an empty seat at the head of the table. He barely noticed as he chugged along in his writing.


But then the 10th member of the family walked in, one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen in his life filled the empty seat.


His writing stopped.


Just a few seconds earlier, his hands looked like spiders dancing on the keyboard, fingers furiously pecking away at the little keys.


But the entire world stopped when she walked into the room.


Petite little thing with long, flowing brown hair and bangs.


Hair slightly unkempt and wavy but in such a way that it made him fantasize of how it would look if she woke up next to him in bed.


A face of purity and innocence that might cool a restless soul full of heated angst.




She had the kind of look that instantly made him forget everything he had learned about women and dating over the last ten years.


With the simple act of walking into a room, she had reduced him to the drooling clueless teenager he used to be.


She was A Dangerous Beauty.


She never looked in his direction. Not even once.


Her focus was on the family that she sat with, those that mattered most to her.


A warm smile spread across her face as she looked on endearingly at the smaller children at the table, listening intently to what they had to say.


His intrigue in her was growing.


Usually, when he was attracted to a girl, some thought along the lines of “I want to fuck her” entered his head.


But not A Dangerous Beauty. She was too good for that.


I want to wife her” was the thought that occupied his mind.


He didn’t want to slap her across the face with his cock like wanted with most hot girls.


He didn’t want to bend her over his knee, slap her ass, rub her pussy, and make her call him daddy like he did to other girls.


Somehow, someway he did not want to defile her perfect little face by blasting out 6 hot ropes of cum onto it that he had built-up from a week of no jerking off in preparation for the weekend.


No, she had a wholesome kind of look that had a very different effect on him.


She wasn’t hot as fuck or a sexy little slut that brought out the deviant beast within.


Beautiful. Elegant. Gorgeous. Those were the adjectives he thought of as he looked at her.


He had been around the block though. He was pushing 30. And this was an experience that seemed to happen about once every year or so.


On very rare occasion, a girl that just had that look would appear in front of him.


The look that subdued his cadish-player side and brought out his protector-provider side instead.


He didn’t know a damn thing about her. But he so badly wanted to shield her from the degeneracy and corruption of the world.


He sought to protect her from the depraved modern society they had been cast into.


A culture that so desperately wanted to take her innocent beauty and turn it against her.


He knew that the elites that ruled over them wanted to profit from turning her into a money-grubbing, attention-seeking, gold-digging, fame-craving, cum-guzzling whore.





And then after 15 minutes of conversation amongst themselves, the big family got up from the table and left.


He watched her walk out of the door and out his life forever. They never spoke. They never even made eye contact.


What would ever become of A Dangerous Beauty? He’d never know.

Like two ships passing in the night, they would go on to live out their entire lives completely unaware of each other’s story.





And then a dark thought entered his head as he sipped his Americano and got back to work.


Beauty like hers was too good to not be exploited by the sex-obsessed culture that confined them.


Maybe she would find a good man and live happily ever after.


Maybe not.


The odds were not in her favor.


Free of intoxicating distraction, he resumed his writing and thought briefly of the most likely scenario for A Dangerous Beauty.


She would probably just go with the flow of the environment that she lived in. Isn’t that what most of us do?


How could someone who possessed those kinds of looks in the 21st century resist the relentless pressure from the Harvey Weinsteins of the world?


The temptation of trading her mind, body, and soul for a small slice of fame, fortune, and followers?





The ten years of experience with women, dating, and life started to come back to him.


Tragically, the fact that she was so beautiful is likely what would doom her to a corrupted fate.


Physical appearances are to men as money and status are to women.


Surface-level superficiality was at the core of most relationships. It was a weak foundation that would wreck the people involved.





And then he remembered the influence and achievement he was fighting for, in part by avoiding romantic entanglement altogether.


He remembered the importance of not being derailed and deceived by something as superficial as appearance.


And he resumed his focus on his first and foremost love. A mission for unconventional but remarkable greatness.




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