Sometimes I see guys spend several minutes trying to figure out the “perfect response” to a text message. Other times I’ll watch a guy spend way too long trying to figure out how to jump start a conversation that has stalled out.


But what about funny memes and GIFs?


First piece of advice..


You should be spinning so many plates that it becomes physically impossible for you to expend too much energy on trying to figure out exactly what to text back to one girl.


After that, ask yourself if you actually need to send her that text right now. It’s all too easy to kill an interaction by over-texting.


Nothing turns a girl off more than when she looks down at her phone and sees your name again and again and again all throughout the day.


When your name pops up on her screen, you want her heart to skip a beat. You can’t achieve this if you’re blowing her shit up all the time.


If you haven’t slept with her yet, try to keep texts under 10 a day and spread them out throughout the day. Supplement with Snapchat.


So sometimes the answer is to do less and not send a standard text at all.


If you do need something to keep the momentum going, I’ve found GIFs and memes to be a perfect tool.


With a funny meme or GIF, you essentially you get to take someone else’s creativity and sense of humor and use it to be cool and be funny. Below are a few that I like to send whenever I want to spark a conversation back up or keep the momentum going until I can get her out on a date. But remember..


Use memes and GIFs sparingly and don’t get carried away.


You’re not her full-time entertainment provider. Don’t forget the main goal of using your smartphone to interact with women is to ultimately meet them in real life.


You can click on these and save them to your phone so you’ve got them handy. Sometimes I include a little comment along with them or just a simple “Lol”.










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