What To Say On Tinder?


We’ve all stared into our smartphones before and wondered what to say on Tinder.


And as you may have come to realize, “Hey” is not the most captivating message to cast out into the Tinder wilderness.


Here are 7 vastly more interesting things you can say on Tinder that will increase your chance of a good response.


Ask For A Netflix Suggestion


We all spend more time than we’d like to admit in front of our SmartTV’s binging on the latest trending show on Netflix.


We shameless millennials are so passionate about mindless entertainment that asking this question will nearly guarantee a response.


what to say on tinder - netflix suggestion


Marry, Fuck, Kill


America loves its celebrity god culture.


Everyone follows the lives of the elite class of Hollywood moguls. So asking this question will have a high response rate. Of course, the names you drop will probably change depending on what year it is.


Experiment with the celebrity names as you see fit. I like to mix it up and throw girls in there


what to say on tinder - marry fuck kill


What’s The Craziest Thing A Guy Has Ever Said To You On Tinder?


Most guys say really retarded shit to girls on Tinder.


You’ll always hear some interesting stories when you open with this one.


what to say on tinder - craziest thing a guy has ever said


X Restaurant Or Y Restaurant?


Did you know the simple act of eating food is considered a talented hobby these days?


They even invented the word “Foodie” to make us all feel better about our gluttonous indulgences.


Ask for a suggestion here and you will likely get a passionate response.


what to say on tinder - food suggestion

2 Truths And A Lie


TCB readers already know how much I love this little game.


It’s almost becoming a little bit of a cliche in our serial dating world.


But it still has provided me with a bounty of interesting conversations.


what to say on tinder - 2 truths and a lie


Be Lazy And Send A GIF


When Tinder introduced GIFs, I abandoned all my openers and started just sending these low-investment pictures.


With a GIF, you get to borrow somebody else’s sense of humor and pass it off as your own.


It gets a response half of the time.


what to say on tinder - send a GIF

Vegas Wedding


If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile then you already know about the famous Vegas Wedding opener.


I’ve been using this one since 2013 when Tinder exploded and it’s typically my go-to.


This is my #1 for a few reasons. It’s funny, interesting, concise, and requires a simple, low-investment, X or Y response.



what to say on tinder - vegas wedding






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