I wish I didn’t have to post this article, but the 21st century demands a new skill set for the modern man. If you’re a fast swiper on the dating apps like me and you live in a big city, it’s likely that you’ve matched with a girl who turns out to not have really been born a girl. If not, just give it time.


I’ve had the following scenario play out on apps like Tinder more times than I’d like to admit.


It’s another typical Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting at the office bored out of my mind. Instead of twiddling my thumbs to pass the time, I decide it’s more productive to do something that could actually lead to me getting laid later.

I’m swiping through profiles making split second decisions. Within one millisecond I can determine if the first picture I see contains pixels arranged in such a way that makes my penis happy. I swipe accordingly.

No need to look at her other pictures or god forbid read her tagline to see if she possesses a sense of humor or any other kind of a favorable personality trait. I figure, if we end up matching then I’ll spend a little more time reviewing her other pictures and checking for any sort of mental activity that could be going on upstairs.


My phone buzzes and a small amount of dopamine is released throughout my brain when I see that Tinder is congratulating me on my newest match.


I open my phone and see that Robin has already sent me a message. A little aggressive. After careful review of her profile, to my horror I discover a tagline that makes it very clear she has a dick.


In a fit of shock I promptly unmatch. This was my first experience matching (and unmatching) with a trans. It’s gone on to happen about ten times since then so I no longer freak out. I just let out a quick “Ughh” and delete.


I used to believe it was easy to spot someone who is transgendered. But it’s not the 1990’s anymore. Surgery and selfie angling + lighting can fool even the most observant player.


At the time of this writing, it is still fairly common for a transgendered person to have the courtesy of some way informing you of their status before you actually meet them. But with time, I anticipate that many will begin to lie or conceal their condition from their hopeful straight male victims as the years go on.  Here’s why: 


  • Constant rejection from straight men, sexual deprivation, and bitterness will make them say fuck it. They will see no reward in honesty.


  • Society will be on their side helping them to rationalize their dishonesty. Fringe feminists are already calling straight men bigots for not wanting to sleep with the mentally ill who chop their dicks off for womanhood. The progressive train won’t stop until men are fully shamed for publicly saying we wouldn’t want to sleep with someone just because they are transgender. This cultural mood shift will erode the transgendered person’s feeling of obligation to be upfront.


It should be clear now that being able to spot a transgendered female is a skill you must develop if you’re a single man. Here are 5 tell tale signs to watch for.


1. Adam’s Apple

I’m happy to announce you’re going to become an Adam’s apple expert today. As you may have guessed, this is typically one of the best ways to spot original gender. Although there are surgeries that can shave the Adam’s Apple, this remains one of the best ways to identify a ladyboy. Pay close attention to the necks below and you’ll soon be familiar with how a girl’s neck should always look. For practice, get on Tinder and pay special attention to the girls’ necks and whenever you see a Tinder picture with her and another man beside her, note the contrast. 



Woman neck 1Woman neck 2Girl neck


Not this:

Man Neck 1 Man Neck 3Man Neck 3



2. Hands

Another reliable tell is that real women tend to have dainty skinny digits as opposed to the big meaty goober-beaters seen on the right.


Girl hands 1Man hands 1


You don’t want to end up on a date like this


Man Hands



3. Small breasts (or very fake big boobs) and stocky frame

It takes a lot of surgery and money to get big boobs that are obviously fake-looking and unnatural. Most trans will go for hormone therapy that produce what you see below.

Trans boobs


4. Assertiveness

Don’t get too excited when it looks like you don’t have to game. Something is usually amiss when a girl takes on the aggressive pursuit of dick with zero game on your part. (hint: it’s because she has/had one)

This is way too logical and straight to the point. Male.


5. Uncommon Name

Most male-to-female transgenders will choose a stripper sounding name or something just a couple notches removed from a name you might call standard. I’m not entirely sure what that last one says but I know it ain’t good. 


Profile 1Profile 2Profile 3


These tips should help you as you go throughout your player career. This isn’t meant to pick on or bully anyone who is different or suffering from something that fucked up their head, but it is meant to protect straight men from having sex with people they don’t want to have sex with. As our culture continues to normalize behavior that has historically been considered mentally ill or deviant, being able to identify these red flags have helped me sidestep some potentially traumatizing situations.

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  • Emily Wells

    Brock Robinson, us transwomen are very discerning about who we date, we have learnt that pretend Alpha males have very small penises and no intuition for the art of love-making. What worries us the most is that we may accidentally meet such feminine men through apps like tinder because they are generally careless about their ;flicking’ of profiles. This is dangerous because we can be accidentally trapped into a date, as pretend Alpha males generally don’t disclose anything on their profile. But don’t panic, you can protect yourself (and us) by writing in bold red letters in your Bio, “Warning! Small-dicked man with smaller brain, seeking to trap an inexperienced cis-female.” Do this and we will thank you for protecting Transwomen from drongo’s such as yourself.

    • Cody Ryan Kent

      Can’t stand the thought of not being able to trick and trap straight men, huh?

      • Emily Wells

        Through-out my life I have noticed two items about so-called strong alpha straight men. Either (1) they have discordance about their own gender identity and find comfort in hiding behind a Transphobic facade; or (2) due to the discord with their sexuality they portray alpha male tendencies and find comfort in hiding behind a Homophobic facade. Interestingly these two trends are also confirmed in research.

        Now given your Transphobic comment – I guess your a category 1 alpha male huh?

        O’ and to answer your question. Given I am a lesbian I am not interested in men. That’s right I sleep with the same cis-females you do!

  • Jarell Johnson

    Lots of strait men don’t want to date transgenders. Some will feel so violated, and disgusted they might attemp to hurt or kill one if tricked, and accidentally aroused by what they thought to be a female.