I wish I didn’t have to post this article, but the 21st century demands a new skill set for the modern man. If you’re a fast swiper on the dating apps like me and you live in a big city, it’s likely that you’ve matched with a girl who turns out to not have really been born a girl. If not, just give it time.


I’ve had the following scenario play out on apps like Tinder more times than I’d like to admit.


It’s another typical Tuesday afternoon and I’m sitting at the office bored out of my mind. Instead of twiddling my thumbs to pass the time, I decide it’s more productive to do something that could actually lead to me getting laid later.

I’m swiping through profiles making split second decisions. Within one millisecond I can determine if the first picture I see contains pixels arranged in such a way that makes my penis happy. I swipe accordingly.

No need to look at her other pictures or god forbid read her tagline to see if she possesses a sense of humor or any other kind of a favorable personality trait. I figure, if we end up matching then I’ll spend a little more time reviewing her other pictures and checking for any sort of mental activity that could be going on upstairs.


My phone buzzes and a small amount of dopamine is released throughout my brain when I see that Tinder is congratulating me on my newest match.


I open my phone and see that Robin has already sent me a message. A little aggressive. After careful review of her profile, to my horror I discover a tagline that makes it very clear she has a dick.


In a fit of shock I promptly unmatch. This was my first experience matching (and unmatching) with a trans. It’s gone on to happen about ten times since then so I no longer freak out. I just let out a quick “Ughh” and delete.


I used to believe it was easy to spot someone who is transgendered. But it’s not the 1990’s anymore. Surgery and selfie angling + lighting can fool even the most observant player.


At the time of this writing, it is still fairly common for a transgendered person to have the courtesy of some way informing you of their status before you actually meet them. But with time, I anticipate that many will begin to lie or conceal their condition from their hopeful straight male victims as the years go on.  Here’s why: 


  • Constant rejection from straight men, sexual deprivation, and bitterness will make them say fuck it. They will see no reward in honesty.


  • Society will be on their side helping them to rationalize their dishonesty. Fringe feminists are already calling straight men bigots for not wanting to sleep with the mentally ill who chop their dicks off for womanhood. The progressive train won’t stop until men are fully shamed for publicly saying we wouldn’t want to sleep with someone just because they are transgender. This cultural mood shift will erode the transgendered person’s feeling of obligation to be upfront.


It should be clear now that being able to spot a transgendered female is a skill you must develop if you’re a single man. Here are 5 tell tale signs to watch for.


1. Adam’s Apple

I’m happy to announce you’re going to become an Adam’s apple expert today. As you may have guessed, this is typically one of the best ways to spot original gender. Although there are surgeries that can shave the Adam’s Apple, this remains one of the best ways to identify a ladyboy. Pay close attention to the necks below and you’ll soon be familiar with how a girl’s neck should always look. For practice, get on Tinder and pay special attention to the girls’ necks and whenever you see a Tinder picture with her and another man beside her, note the contrast. 



Woman neck 1Woman neck 2Girl neck


Not this:

Man Neck 1 Man Neck 3Man Neck 3



2. Hands

Another reliable tell is that real women tend to have dainty skinny digits as opposed to the big meaty goober-beaters seen on the right.


Girl hands 1Man hands 1


You don’t want to end up on a date like this


Man Hands



3. Small breasts (or very fake big boobs) and stocky frame

It takes a lot of surgery and money to get big boobs that are obviously fake-looking and unnatural. Most trans will go for hormone therapy that produce what you see below.

Trans boobs


4. Assertiveness

Don’t get too excited when it looks like you don’t have to game. Something is usually amiss when a girl takes on the aggressive pursuit of dick with zero game on your part. (hint: it’s because she has/had one)

This is way too logical and straight to the point. Male.


5. Uncommon Name

Most male-to-female transgenders will choose a stripper sounding name or something just a couple notches removed from a name you might call standard. I’m not entirely sure what that last one says but I know it ain’t good. 


Profile 1Profile 2Profile 3


These tips should help you as you go throughout your player career. This isn’t meant to pick on or bully anyone who is different or suffering from something that fucked up their head, but it is meant to protect straight men from having sex with people they don’t want to have sex with. As our culture continues to normalize behavior that has historically been considered mentally ill or deviant, being able to identify these red flags have helped me sidestep some potentially traumatizing situations.

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  • Emily Wells

    Brock Robinson, us transwomen are very discerning about who we date, we have learnt that pretend Alpha males have very small penises and no intuition for the art of love-making. What worries us the most is that we may accidentally meet such feminine men through apps like tinder because they are generally careless about their ;flicking’ of profiles. This is dangerous because we can be accidentally trapped into a date, as pretend Alpha males generally don’t disclose anything on their profile. But don’t panic, you can protect yourself (and us) by writing in bold red letters in your Bio, “Warning! Small-dicked man with smaller brain, seeking to trap an inexperienced cis-female.” Do this and we will thank you for protecting Transwomen from drongo’s such as yourself.

    • Cody Ryan Kent

      Can’t stand the thought of not being able to trick and trap straight men, huh?

      • Emily Wells

        Through-out my life I have noticed two items about so-called strong alpha straight men. Either (1) they have discordance about their own gender identity and find comfort in hiding behind a Transphobic facade; or (2) due to the discord with their sexuality they portray alpha male tendencies and find comfort in hiding behind a Homophobic facade. Interestingly these two trends are also confirmed in research.

        Now given your Transphobic comment – I guess your a category 1 alpha male huh?

        O’ and to answer your question. Given I am a lesbian I am not interested in men. That’s right I sleep with the same cis-females you do!

        • No

          So you’re just a straight male basically

          • Emily Wells

            What a typically male response! OK, lets see if you can get past the male superiority part and handle something that’s fairly simple and straightforward. I am a Transwoman, I experience romantic love and sexual attraction to other females so I am a lesbian (i.e. a female homosexual).

          • No

            You’re a typical male. You have an XY Chromosome.

          • Emily Wells

            First, I can see that you are now being deliberately Transphobic, which btw is a hate crime. Given you do not put forward your name, or any other identifying material, you are either a very violent person in real life or you are very shallow and unsure of yourself. Truth be known, you probably haven’t gone through puberty yet. Now to humour your question:

            1. The definition of transgender in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity differs from the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth; especially : of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is opposite the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth: transsexual. So as a transsexual I am hardley ‘a typical male’.

            2. What you have learnt at school that people have either XY (male) or XX (female) is not correct there are numerous variations. And no I don’t have XY chromosomes, I have a small variation.

          • No

            That definition is irrelevant. If you were born male (Penis) then thats what you are.
            There are not numerous variations except in your pseudo-science. When a variation occurs it is considered an abnormality and is extremely rare, usually resulting in afflictions like Down Syndrome. Very little to do with sexual organs.

            Im the violent and shallow person yet your intention is to find out my name so you can prosecute me for hate speech because i disagree with you on the internet. Yea im the shallow person. Irregardless of whether you are transgender or not, people who threaten others with “hate speech” are lower than dirt. A transgender person I can talk to despite not agreeing with them, a person like you I cant stomach existing on the same planet as.

            You need to stop focusing on the person you are on the outside and start thinking about who you are on the inside.

          • Emily Wells

            Dear No, It is very brave of you to admit that you are violent person and that you have other personal issues. Rather then condemn you, I urge you to seek and receive the help that you need to overcome your violent tenancies. I hope things improve for you and that you have a wonderful day. XXOO

          • No

            You’re nuts

          • Emily Wells

            Yeah. Crazy like a fox!

          • No

            Get well soon

          • “people have either XY (male) or XX (female) is not correct there are numerous variations. And no I don’t have XY chromosomes, I have a small variation.”

            Indeed there are XX/XY mutations manifesting as genetic abnormalities, each with their own spectra of symptoms and prognosis, which one do you have?


          • Phobias are not crimes.

          • Emily Wells

            I didn’t say Phobia. And you are in the UK I think so: Transphobia has been defined by the Crown Prosecution Service as “the fear of or a dislike directed towards trans people, or a fear of or dislike directed towards their perceived lifestyle, culture or characteristics, whether or not any specific trans person has that lifestyle or characteristic.”

          • The CPS are not medically qualified.

          • CPS are not psychiatrists. It’s not illegal to dislike people in the UK. Citizens in the UK are free to dislike who they please.

          • quinyus

            Arguing with someone who suffers from gender dysphagia about gender is as pointless as arguing against a child that believes the tooth fairy

          • Dysphagia? It’s nothing to do with unease over eating.

            Perhaps you mean Dysphoria or Dysmorphic spectrum.

            Sexologist Dr Ken Blanchard has a theory it may be linked to the Autism spectrum.

          • qbert

            You’re a man posing as a woman and having sex with women. Does that not prove that you are mentally defective? Why do you feel the need to pretend to be a woman? What scares you about being the male you actually are? Is it just a way to get laid by women afraid of men? Are you simply afraid of other men? You seriously don’t see you’re crazy??

          • Emily Wells

            OK. After considering this for some time, I have decided to ignore your transphobic comments and at least provide an intelligent answer to your ranting in the hopes that you are able to actually process some knowledge to gain basic understanding.

            From your answer it appears that you do not have an understanding of the difference between gender and sexuality. There are several aspects to gender including birth, identity and expression. I was born biologically male, by age 7 years I knew I was female and I dress and present feminine. Sexuality develops later in your teen years, it is who you are attracted to and who you have sex with.

            Now, the original article is about how transwomen (yes I am a transwoman) are presenting as female and by not declaring their transgender status ‘trick’ guys into being with the. This is based on the belief that the only reason transwomen exist is because we want to have be with guys and need to trick them to succeed.

            So I have been open about my transness, however I have expressed that I am not interested in guys. This goes completely against your simple thought processes, so to protect your manliness you feel that the only conclusion is that I am trans to trick women who don’t want to be with men. So your conclusion is if I don’t admit I am trans I am being tricky and deceptive and if I do admit I am trans I am being tricky and deceptive.

            Now on being scared of men. Obviously I am not afraid of men. I have been debating with several males on this page now for sometime and all of you have come off a very poor second. Of course debating requires the use of intellect – ah yeah, sorry, I forgot those who actually believe the dribble written by this author are lacking in this trait.

          • Phobias

          • quinyus

            A biological series of mutations prevents Emily from embracing itself as a natural male it is a brain mental disorder therefore trans people are actually forced to hate their biological bodies rather than forced to the wrong body more like wrong brain they have no control over it sadly

          • No, a XY male desiring sex with XX women is straight or Bi.

        • No

          And by the way the whole “They dont like it so they must secretly like it thing” is just moronic.
          I guess arachnophobics just secretly want to fuck spiders in your world.

          • Emily Wells

            OMG! Wow! What is that all about!

          • Phobias of spiders is a real Phobia.

            Phobias of those who have had sex changes? I’ve not heard anyone diagnosed with that one.

        • BetaLimaSierra

          By looking at your pic, I don’t think you’d be able to fool anyone. XD

          • Emily Wells

            I am not certain of what you mean with your statement.

          • BetaLimaSierra

            You look like a man in drag. It’s not hard to figure out.

          • Emily Wells

            So it has taken you 6 days to clarify your statement with yet another transphobic response. I guess thinking about my response made in these comments about the intelligence of this author and the readers herein I shouldn’t be surprised.

          • BetaLimaSierra

            Its transphobic to point out you look like a man in drag?
            And sorry it took six days sir. Some of us can’t sit around online, searching for articles to purposely offend us.
            Some of us have jobs.
            You should try it.

          • Emily Wells

            Quick question if I may; Are you a TERF?

            Also not sure what you want me to try.

          • BetaLimaSierra

            Nope. Im not a feminist. I have a life and am much more classy than that.

          • You’ve stated you’ve no psychiatric qualifications therefore how can you diagnose a Phobia?

        • You’re diagnosing Phobias again.

    • qbert

      Laughable! You say alpha males have small penises, when, in actuality, it’s the mentally defective trans that do (either by nature or surgery). Trans = deception

      • Emily Wells

        Do I spot a bit of hypersensitivity. Did the comment about alpha males being small hit a nerve?

        • Eric Rahnaratentah Ryder

          No matter what gender you are or what you prefer be labeled there’s one thing that stands above all that is you are human and nothing else matters. Yes I’m a guy, a loner, a social outcast, a nice guy everyone hates the ultimate misfit who will likely die alone. But I still see goodness in everyone and you should be happy with the skin you own.

          • No

            good god

    • This is hardly constructive.

      • Emily Wells

        If you are talking about the above conversation with No I agree, it was not constructive conversation hence the reason I stopped engaging.

  • Jarell Johnson

    Lots of strait men don’t want to date transgenders. Some will feel so violated, and disgusted they might attemp to hurt or kill one if tricked, and accidentally aroused by what they thought to be a female.

    • Emily Wells

      Lets look at this statement: 1. “…hurt or kill one if tricked ..”, if anything men with this type of thinking just want an excuse to be violent and abusive. Let’s changed the word ‘one’ from meaning a Transperson to being a non-white, a non-christian, a female who isn’t totally submissive, ect. 2. ‘”… accidentally aroused …”, this doesn’t happen by accident it’s called biology and occurs with physical or psychological stimulation, or both. 3. “… thought to be a female …”, that statement is intended to and is made to specifically label a group of people as being less than human, i.e. sub-humans. It is used to give reason for discrimination, isolation, exclusion and violence against a group of people with the excuse that the group does not have characteristics that are considered ‘normal’.

      • qbert

        No. You’re wrong. Men are aroused by sight. If a man pretends to be a female, and another man is deceived by the ruse, it stands to reason that the deceitful male will garner reprocusion. Non-gay men should have the right to NOT BE GAY.

        • Emily Wells

          Men like women are aroused by sight and touch and thought, for example, sight is getting aroused watching others having sex, touch is physical i.e. caressing your partner and thought is thinking about sex or erotica. Nobody said all men have to be gay, a cis-male falling for a transwomen is not homosexual. If it is what do you consider a cis-male falling for a transman to be – heterosexual?

      • “… if anything men with this type of thinking just want an excuse to be violent and abusive.”

        That would assume we have powers of mind reading.

        No, it’s not that, it’s a sense of deep aversion that is hardwired, it has to be as our genomes survival depends on it.

        As a straight guy, my feelings of attraction and repulsion are so profound in my being, from a purely sexuality front I find XX women attractive, XY men repellent, and XY Transwomen repellent. It’s like looking into the abyss.

        Repellent from a moral or ethical perspective? No, simply repellent from a genetic perspective. To be blunt, I don’t want to have any sexual intimacy with them at ALL, not for a billion pounds, not in a million years. Yes, even Blaire White, Theryn Meyer at al.

        Why? because I would not be able to have children with them, at base.

        Straight men are by and large fine with Trans folk, they are however irritated by this phenomenon because of the deception involved when it impinges on their personal lives and it wastes their time and the trans persons time. Here’s one major cogent example of socialising – dating:

        Online Dating apps, where -to use Tinder & OK Cupid for example- even if you pick what you are looking for, you STILL get candidates that you are NOT looking for and more importantly paid good money to Tinder or OKC to have represented to you. (And this goes for women, Gay men & women and Transfolk too), because too many are not being honest, with themselves or others by NOT selecting the correct category.

        Can only speak for straight men, but if I’d pick pick “Looking for …Women”…

        on a drop down list of “Men, Women, Gay Men, Gay Women, TransMen, TransWomen”…

        Then Women is what I expect to see and have paid to see. Anything other than that may be deceptive trade practices under the UK Trade Descriptions Act 1968, Section 13 & 14. In other words, a “Bait & Switch” in this case.

        If folk want to have surgery -or whatever- they want to do as adults, fine
        “you do you”, as the phrase goes. Yes, a Trans person may BELIEVE that they are biologically opposite of what a basic cheek swab DNA XX/XY genome test will confirm, but it is unethical in the extreme to rope others into that Delusion also.

        Tinder & OK Cupid, are, from accounts of a few male & female friends in a number of large metropolitan cities around North America, clogged with users who do not select the category germane to them.

        Anyone that is attracted to men or women, sexuality or yes Transfolk, would be understandably annoyed at their limited matches being used up by candidates they never specified. Even angry, especially if they have wasted time & money on a wild goose chase

        That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me – heck, you even get dating sites for gay folk, and Transfolk, so, by all means, use THEM. It makes it far easier.

        Here’s an illustration that’s the best I can think of off the top of my head. I walk into a Greengrocers to buy some apples and bananas, I select ones that appeal to me, when I get to the checkout I discover they are not Apple apples and Banana bananas, but wax apples and wax bananas.

        I have NOTHING against wax fruit, but if I want to buy wax fruit I will visit a store that sells them to buy them, not a Greengrocers.

        • Emily Wells

          I like most of your statement and agree that transwomen (and trans men) should be open. The reason most transwomen (and transmen) are not open is because if they are open about being trans they are extremely likely to experience hatred and violence etc.

          Jarell Johnson wrote, “Lots of strait men don’t want to date transgenders. Some will feel so violated, and disgusted they might attemp (sic) to hurt or kill one …”. Lots of strait men also like women with larger breasts, so if they get home and discover the she has ‘added’ to her breast size with padding, does this give him the right to do violence onto her. Or if the guy is attracted to a female with beautiful long blonde curls and when they them get home they discover she is wearing a wig and has no hair due to cancer treatment – does this give him the right to do violence onto her.

          Of course it doesn’t violence is unacceptable, after all just because you purchased the wrong fruit doesn’t turn you into a violent and uncontrollable person.

  • BetaLimaSierra

    Should add for the ladies on how to spot an ftm.
    1)scars on the pecs and oddly placed nipples. If they have scars and their nipples look strange, and you can’t quite figure out why, chances are they are an ftm.
    2)bone structure: even women with the largest bone structures do not have the same structure as men. this can be having womanly hips and shoulders that are narrow. Also look at the jaw.
    3)large scar or tattoo on somewhere on their arm or leg (you can easily tell if a tattoo has gone over scarred skin): They remove this to create a fake penis (if they choose to do that).
    4)If they get naked and they have a micro penis (combined with everything I just mentioned) you have undeniable proof. Sometimes they dont go full on bottom surgery and just have their clits snipped free and urethra rerouted to have a “functional” penis to at least pee standing up.

    Now, if you are trans, have at it. Be trans. I don’t care, but stop demanding and stop trying to and stop thinking its okay to fool people who aren’t into that. Its not okay. There are plenty of people out there into that sort of thing. Date them.
    And stop getting mad when people who arent into it find ways to tell you are. It keeps us from being dragged into something we arent into.
    Inb4: “but if you liked me before you knew I was trans youre just transphobic”
    If it makes you feel better to think that, fine.

    • Emily Wells

      Your comments regarding transmen is accurate in some instances though not accurate in all instances. When read in context with your second paragraph about trans people it reads as though that you have been in a gay or bi relationship possibly with a transman. Hey, its OK to explore your sexuality. Lots of guys like you have had or want to have sex with someone of their own gender. If you need to find a therapist who you can talk with as what you feel is perfectly normal, OK.

      • BetaLimaSierra

        Nope. I have only banged real men, thanks. Real men, with real penises that they were born with.
        Tis my sister that would have been tricked by a tranny had I not pointed out the scars on her chest and the huge tatted over scar on her back.

        • Emily Wells

          So your either gay or bi but still transphobic. OK. Whatever. (She writes while laughing quietly to herself)

          • BetaLimaSierra

            Ya know, that word is slung around so much, it seriously doesn’t bother me. I was considering getting it on a t-shirt.

            And If I have only banged men, how in the world can I be gay? XD I was born with a vagina. Meaning I am a woman.
            A real one. 🙂 sorry bro. None of your attempted insults offend.

          • Emily Wells

            Sure you are – not.

          • Phobias are psychiatric disorders, I gather you’re an MD in this field to make that diagnosis?

          • Emily Wells

            No I am not a Psychologist or Medical Practitioner.

            Definition from the Cambridge Dictionary
            – transphobia: a fear or dislike of transgender people
            – transphobic: (adjective) transphobic jokes

          • The psychiatric definition is the medically accepted, not the popular lexicographic.

          • Emily Wells

            Medically it is gender dysphoria: meaning the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex. Transphobia and transphobic are words in the English dictionary with the definitions as given. BTW lexicographic means lexicographic order (also known as lexical order, dictionary order, alphabetical order or lexicographic(al) product) is a generalisation of the way the alphabetical order of words is based on the alphabetical order of their component letters.

          • I’m considerably more familiar with the psychiatry on these issues than the average man in the street. I prefer psychiatric definitions of Phobias, not lexicographic, and practitioners do not use the OED in diagnosis and treatment, but the DSM-IV-TR (2000) & V and PDR .
            (Note Bene: DSM-V (2013) not available online as of this date)

            DSM-IV-TR (2000):

            JBP certainly does not have a Phobia of gay, Bi men/women or Trans folk. It is is likely he encounters/has encountered and treats/has treated a number in his clinical practice.

            Neither do I for that matter. Complete Indifference? Usually. Sexual repulsion at most? Yes, of course. Irrational fear or avoidance or anxiety? Absolutely not. The notion that people actually FEAR gay, Bi and Trans folk? That would be odd. Moreover we should be cautious to avoid conflating simple dislikes or preferences with Phobias.

            JBP has sat down in a long mutual one on one discussion with an audience on The Oedipal Mother with Theryn Meyer ( https://www.youtube.com/user/DominoDiaeresis ), AND been interviewed by Meyer AND appeared in televised panel discussions.


            Oedipal/Devouring Mother:

            Meyer’s testimony (along with JBP and Dr Gad Saad in a fuller video) at the Bill C-16 Senate Hearing:

            I discuss chaos and order with Theryn Meyer:

            Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech :

            Notable for the surreal assertion by academic Nicholas Matte that there is no such thing as Biological sex, during a now-infamous panel discussion on preferred pronouns (if that’s the case, how does the Animal & Plant Kingdom reproduce?).

            Dr. Jordan Peterson Chats with a Reasonable Trans Person

            I’m Trans, and I Love Jordan Peterson:

          • I’m aware of this.

  • Emily Wells

    This article insinuates that are hordes of transgender women hiding in the general population and waiting to trick straight males. So, I am hoping this response will clear away any confusion readers have by providing you with correct information to ease your concerns. Though before I start, I am going to be fully open, so that you are fully aware and do not feel that I am tricking, or attempting to trick, you as the reader.

    My name is Emily Wells and I am a transwoman. This means I was genetically born a male however my gender identity is female and I am transitioning to my correct gender. So I live my life as a woman and my pronouns are she, her, hers.

    Transgender is an umbrella term and means any person whose gender identity is varied to that of their birth gender. An estimated 3% to 5% of the population are transgender to some degree, in Australia that’s about 735,000 to 1,225,000 people. Given the population size, the reality is you have met, are friends with and know transgender people.

    So, unless you live as a hermit on a remote cliff top, or live under a rock on Mars, you will have come in contact with people who are transgender – either at your workplace, at a non-work gathering like your gym, your sports club or other social club, at a party, at a night club or sporting event, and even when you are out having a drink at your local pub. Hell, if you are male and actively dating, the probability is that you have already dated a transgender person without even knowing that they were transgender. That’s right they were born female and look female though have concerns about their gender identity.

    Being transgender can and does cause Gender Dysphoria (GD), a medical condition that results in real pain, distress and angst for the individual suffer. If the GD is to the extreme, the only treatment for the individual is to transition from one gender to another. In fact, prior to making a decision to transition, a substantial number of those with severe GD, had reached a situation where GD had made the person so highly stressed that they had high anxiety with depression and thought about and/or attempted suicide.

    A transgender person who transitions, or is transitioning, is known in medical terms as a Transsexual. Now not every person who is transgender and transitions or transitioning considers themselves as a transsexual. However from a medical perspective, this is the person the above article alludes towards – and what all you ‘manly-men’ seem to be shit-scared-off. So, the fact is that we do not transition to ‘trick’ anybody, we transition to live as our true gender (or gender identity) and by doing this it also assists in stopping the pain and mental angst that accompanies GD.

    Transsexuals consist of about 0.3% of the transgender population, so in Australia there are about 2,205 to 3,675 people who are considered transsexual. There are 2.5 transwomen for every transman, so using the higher estimated population number of 3,675 transpeople, we can extract that there are approximately 2,625 transwomen within Australia.

    Now, although there are clusters within our State Capital Cities, transwomen are geographically dispersed across the nation. Now you must also consider that transwomen are distributed across all sexualities. So using a 2012-2013 study of the non-trans population as a guide, we can estimate that 96.3% (2,528) transwomen are heterosexual i.e. sexually attracted to men. Further, transwomen are represented in all age groups from 16 to 106, so unless you’re into kiddies and grannies (in which case you are one very sick puppy) the probability of you actually encountering a Transwoman publicly at a club or the pub is very small. That is unless of course you are frequenting gay bars and clubs, now I am not going to judge you, but don’t hide behind your transphobia and say “I didn’t know they were trans – I was tricked.” Yeah, sure you were.

    Now for a transwoman to ‘hide’ and not be judged they must appear as extremely feminine, in fact to ‘pass’ a transwoman must look like cis-gender model. If this were applied equally to cis-women and cis-men then the vast majority would also not pass as ‘real’ women or ‘real’ men.

    This is why passing is such a controversial topic. The term itself is loaded, tainted with the implication that transwomen aren’t really women, and trans men aren’t really men, but are merely trying to pass off as such and engaging in deception. But despite the questionable meaning behind ‘passing’, there is a reality as there are those with “passing privilege” and those without – and the difference in the quality of life is overwhelming.

    In reality only a very small percentage (less than 5%) of Transwomen can pass as a cis-gender female and live their life in relative ‘normality’. The truth for the remainder (95%+) of transwomen can be extrapolated from the results of a number of surveys and studies.

    The unemployment rate for transwomen is at triple the rate of the general population with a 2015 study showing that 26% lost their job due to being trans. One-fifth (20%) have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives – this is 20 times the rate of the general population. A 2015 study reported that 20% of trans people experience housing discrimination and were evicted or simply denied housing for being transsexual. Life so great for transwomen and transmen that a 2014 mental health study found that a staggering 41% had attempted suicide, compare this to the general population where only 1.6% of the general population have attempted suicide.

    So, the reality for the vast majority of transwomen is a life where we face harassment, discrimination, isolation and violence or the threat of violence on a daily basis. Tricking you is not at the top of our priority list – survival itself is at the top of our priority list.

    This brings up the question of why Mr Brock Robinson as the author wrote this article. One thing is clear prior to writing and publishing this article, Mr Brock Robinson conducted no research into the lives of transwomen – indeed it appears that Mr Brock Robinson has decided to use a myth and to actively harass and discriminate against transwomen. These myths all have one thing in common – they justify the subjugation of transmen and transwomen. They have originated from a calculated collection of stereotypes that serves to maintain the status-quo for people, like Mr Brock Robinson, who are intolerant towards people who do not meet their perception of what constitutes a ‘normal human’.

    However, fair is fair. Given Mr Brock Robinson is an educated and publish author and I am merely a transwoman who has set out to trick and trap Mr Brock Robinson, I challenge Mr Brock Robinson to travel to Australia and publicly debate me in an acceptable arena about his article and his respect (or otherwise) for transgender people.

    • Just a moment, “An estimated 3% to 5% of the population are transgender …” what data is being cited here? That figure seems rather high (I gather it’s for Australia?), as Dr Jordan Peterson, a Canadian Clinical Psychologist based in Toronto gives a figure of 0.3% of the population, though am unsure whether he is referring to The USA or Canada.

      I would posit that given the 0.3% incidence of the phenomena in US or Canadian Populace (perhaps it refers to North America as aggregate who knows), it would be in a similar ballpark in other nations, of perhaps up to 1%. Yet up to 5%? Even in my Home nation Britain, that is a LOT of folk.

      • Emily Wells

        Remember 3% – 5% is those that are transgender i.e. there is a variant between the persons birth gender and gender identity. It does not mean they are transsexual. 0.3% is the number of transsexual with the population.

        It is a well known fact that Dr Jordan Peterson a Right Wing Christian, anti LGBT and feels transgender are an abomination of God. Like the rest of his research, the number he cites is only from his formed opinion with no peer reviewed research.

        • “It is a well known fact that Dr Jordan Peterson a Right Wing Christian, anti LGBT and feels transgender are an abomination of God. Like the rest of his research, the number he cites is only from his formed opinion with no peer reviewed research.”

          JBP has not expressed these attributions in his lectures, debates or testimonies.

          Your allegation that the figure is his own, not a citation?

          • Emily Wells

            I quote “JBP has not expressed these attributions in his interviews lectures, debates or testimonies.” It is clear you have either never read Dr Jordan Peterson nor listen to him or alternatively you have decided to your ideological spin onto his material. Just type “Jordan Peterson” on transgender into google and plenty of his hate laden material is there for the reading/viewing.

          • On the contrary, I have seen ALL of JBP’s lectures, interviews and talks on ALL subjects he gives, and have learned more from him in two months than my entire time at University – I’m not exaggerating.

  • Larry Lovestein

    Why does Emily Wells feel compelled to educate us all about transgenderism? The article is spot on – I started to encounter a number of trans women on Tinder. Many of them though do mention on their profile that they are trans, so at least that’s cool. However, it is getting harder to discern when you meet women at clubs, etc. Some trans women pass exceptionally well as bio women; however some just look like men in dresses (e.g., Emily Wells).

    • There are many resources online that give tips on what to look out for and there are many, many tells. Always trust your instinct, particularly if you get what has been dubbed the ‘uncanny valley’ feeling.

    • Emily Wells

      You were actually doing really well in putting forward a position, until just had to be a negative person with the last part of your comment.

  • Mike

    I have just ended a very close and loving relationship with a beautiful and totally convincing transgender female, it was hot, loving, caring and she was as sweet as any CIS female I have ever known.

    My personal problem was her sex drive, initially I was full on into it but after time I got tired of her insatiable appetite and worst of all her obsession with cock. She seemed to be always on the lookout, her Facebook, Tinder and Whatsapp would bing all day and night.

    I really loved her (and still do) and when we split she was devastated but I had to get out to maintain my sanity.